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If you’ve invested time looking at engagement rings and other diamond jewelry online, friend may have noticed the acronym “CTTW” alongside other vital details such together cut, clarity, color and carat weight. 

For example, these are beautiful jajalger2018.org because that a 2.18cttw pair the earrings indigenous Blue Nile. That way they room 2.18 carats combined. Or you can look in ~ this really elaborate and ornate halo setup for one engagement ring additionally from Blue Nile. There space 3.07 carats worth of interval jajalger2018.org ~ above this ring. If you placed a 1ct facility diamond right into this ring, you will have a 4.07 cttw engagement ring.

What go CTTW average in a Diamond Ring?

CTTW represents “carat total weight,” or “total carat weight.” that a metric that’s offered to measure up the complete weight of every one of the jajalger2018.org in a particular piece that jewelry, such together a tennis bracelet or a pavé diamond ring. 

You can see “CTTW” written as “CT TW” for some engagement rings. CT means “carat,” a unit used to measure up a diamond’s weight. TW is short for “total weight” and is used to measure the total weight of every jajalger2018.org in a piece of jewelry.

The carat weight of one diamond and also the complete carat weight of a diamond ring are very different number — a truth that can cause some man for first-time buyers. Below, we’ve explained how CTTW works, as well as how it differs from other dimensions of a diamond’s weight.

CTTW vs. Carat: what’s the Difference?

As we covered in our overview to diamond carat weight, the carat weight of a diamond refers to the amount the diamond weighs, not its size. A diamond that a single metric carat weighs specifically 200 milligrams and can range in diameter indigenous 5.60mm to 6.60mm relying on its reduced grade. 

Carat weight is abbreviation at “ct.” when you’re viewing loosened jajalger2018.org online, you’ll normally see your carat weight noted alongside components such as cut, color and clarity. 

0.47cttw dual Halo

CTTW, top top the various other hand, refers to the complete weight of all of the jajalger2018.org in a certain piece that jewelry. Unlike ct., which is provided to present the weight of a loose diamond or center stone, CTTW is only offered to display the total carat weight of all jajalger2018.org. 

If did you do it read any of our various other guides, you could have additionally seen the acronym “CTW” supplied to to express to total carat weight. Both CTTW and CTW are used an international and have actually the precise same meaning.

Many engagement rings just contain one facility diamond. For example, this knife edge solitaire setting from James Allen is designed to only host a facility stone. Together a result, the ring’s complete carat weight (CTTW) will be the exact same as the carat weight of the center stone.

Other rings, such together this lotus basket pavé engagement ring indigenous James Allen, have actually a tape that’s lined with little jajalger2018.org. This particular ring features 36 small round jajalger2018.org, adding up to a full carat load of 0.25 carat there is no a facility stone. 

The full carat weight, or CTTW, of this ring is calculated by including together the carat load of the pavé collection jajalger2018.org and also the weight of the center stone. Because that example, by selecting this 1 carat ring H VS2 diamond indigenous James Allen, the complete weight the the setup and center rock is 1.25 carats. 

Some engagement ring settings have the right to have a far-ranging total carat load even prior to the center rock is added. For example, this grande halo break-up shank setting from James Allen has actually a 0.70 CTTW without any kind of center rock due come its 64 pavé and also halo collection jajalger2018.org. 

Total Carat load (CTTW) and also Diamond Prices

The price the a diamond increases tremendously with the carat weight. For example, a sells for $1,243. A 1.00 carat diamond through the same specifications expenses $5,453, regardless of only being twice the carat weight. 

The reason for this is simple. Big jajalger2018.org are substantially rarer than smaller jajalger2018.org and as a result, they have the right to command higher prices on the market. Since of this, a big diamond is always going come be worth significantly an ext than a smaller diamond that the same quality.

1.15cttw Princess cut Pave Engagement Ring

This no the instance with a ring’s total carat weight. Due to the fact that this number is do by adding up the carat load of every one of the ring’s tiny jajalger2018.org, there isn’t an exponential relationship between the ring’s total carat weight and also its value.

For example, an installed in this solitaire setup from Blue Nile, the 1.00 carat H color, VS2 diamond above costs $5,673 in total. This ring has actually a complete carat weight of 1.00 carat. 

Meanwhile, with this 0.50 carat H color, VS2 diamond is accessible for $2,763. It additionally has a total carat weight of 1.00 carat. 

This method that if she on a restricted budget, a pavé or halo setup with a fairly high total carat weight yet a little center stone could be a great idea. While you won’t gain the complete wow factor of a huge center stone, a ring of this form can look at beautiful and also elegant, every at a lower cost.

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Other determinants to Look for in a Diamond

The carat weight of a diamond — or, in this case, the complete carat weight of a ring — is only one of several factors you should think about when you’re selecting an engagement ring. 

Other factors, such together a diamond’s cut, color and also clarity, additionally play a duty in its appearance and also value. Well-known as the 4 Cs, these determinants all communicate with each various other to impact the means a diamond looks and the amount you will do it pay for it. 

We’ve spanned these in an ext detail, as well as what you should look for, in our overview to buying a diamond. 


CTTW, or total carat weight, always refers to the full weight of all jajalger2018.org in a ring, bracelet, earrings or various other pieces the jewelry. Once you’re city hall a setup on the own, it’s the weight of the halo or pavé jajalger2018.org. For a finish ring, the the weight of all little jajalger2018.org and the center stone. 

Carat weight, i m sorry is abbreviated together ct, cw or CW, only refers come the load of the center stone on that own.

While a ring through a big total carat weight deserve to look impressive, it’s essential to remember that the weight of the center rock is generally the biggest factor in identify an engagement ring’s value. 

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