Every parent knows that kids like to hurl really big numbers at every other. That starts v the five- and also eight-year-olds.

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"My an are commander rule the whole world!"

"Yeah, well my an are commander rule the entirety star and also all the planets."

"Yeah, fine my command rules 2 stars."

"Mine rule ten stars."

Now is the big moment for the five-year-old. Five-year-olds have to learn to counting to 100 in kindergarten, so One hundreds is a really big number. It is so huge and frightening come five-year-olds that they never name 101. Always 100.

"My space commander rules 100 stars!"

At this allude the five-year-old will lose, since the eight-year-old deserve to say, "Well mine rules 1,000 stars, so there." and also the five-year-old can"t to speak anything.

But the ten-year-old can, and jumps in with, "But my commander rules a million stars."

And currently the five-year-old is back in the game. "Well my space commander rule a million million million million million million..." and also keeps going until the various other two walk away or mother or dad show up and say, "Quiet down in here and also just play."

What children need room some really big numbers. A jillion is great for a while, but it is no a genuine number, it"s a fake. Quintillion is good if you deserve to say it.

My youngsters were seriously impressed with googol, and even an ext impressed that it was named by a ten-year-old trying to find a really big number. I can nearly hear the conversation in ~ the dinner table. The ten-year-old has recently learned around powers that ten:

"Dad, what"s 10 to 5th power?"

"Ten thousand."

"Dad, what"s 10 come the 10th power?"

"Ten billion."

"Dad, what"s 10 to the 100th power?"

"It doesn"t have actually a name."

"I want to contact it "googol"."

"OK, that"s fine."

"Dad, what"s 10 come the googol?"

"Well, googol didn"t have actually a name till a couple of seconds ago, so 10 come the googol doesn"t have actually a name."

Power surges with the ten-year-old in ~ the thought of having uncovered a specific, genuine number that is so large it doesn"t also have a name. The two made decision on the surname "googolplex," and they do the name public and popular. So that now, in our household, the conversation in between the three children runs ~ above its course:

"Well, my an are commander rule a googol stars!"

"Well, mine rules a googolplex stars!"

And they are stuck again. What we require are surname for part seriously, really large numbers, bigger even than googolplex.

Let"s an initial get directly that googolplex is a really big number. Googol is 10 come the 100th power, i m sorry is 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Googolplex isn"t simply that number however has that many zeros in it. That simply has no various other nameable name.

But it"s no good having a height number. Youngsters need numbers past numbers, means to name number bigger than every little thing numbers the other children name. And they have to be yes, really numbers, no phonies favor "jillion," or vague not-quite-numbers prefer "infinity." part of the game is to save using up much more number names.

I have been obliged to uncover ways to make numbers flourish faster and faster. My by-now six-year-old, Kieran, recorded the various other two off guard one day: "Mine rule gargoogolplex stars. Gargoogolplex is googolplex googolplexes." I chosen the cleverness of Kieran"s "gar-" prefix. It suggests that there space as plenty of of the number together the number itself. For example, "gar-four" is four fours. "Gar-million" is a million millions. And "gar-googolplex" is a googolplex googolplexes.

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However, youngsters in junior high get around to noticing that four fours is really just 4 squared (4 x 4 = 42), and a million millions is a million squared (1,000,000 x 1,000,000 = (1,000,000)2). Much more interesting would certainly be to acquire 1,000,0001,000,000, i m sorry doesn"t have a name, as much as i know. Yet then, some of us have actually lived long enough to view what"s coming. We won"t just need a surname for 1,000,0001,000,000, but a name for: NN, any kind of number come the power of itself. Let"s speak to it fz-whatever. Fz-four is 44, and fz-million is the 1,000,0001,000,000 we were spring for. Us can already see whereby this is going. Fzgoogolplex is going to outdo gargoogolplex in just a moment, because gargoogolplex is just googolplex2, and fzgoogolplex is googolplexgoogolplex, and also nobody is going to top that.

Not so. We made our own brand-new math function, Fuga, to take us one step additional in this game. We noticed the fzgoogolplex only has actually googolplex elevated to the googolplex once. What about the ultimate five-year-old"s answer? "Googolplex increased to the googolplex raised to the googolplex elevated to the... (until the voice wears out)."

We come up v fuga (pronounced "few-ga"). Fuga is a mixture of the music word "fugue," and Kieran"s "gar-" prefix. Fuga-number means "that number increased to that number that variety of times." Fuga-2 is (22). Fuga-3 is ((33)3). Very soon, here, this is walking to gain hard to write. Therefore we will leave fuga-4 and fuga-100 as exercises for the reader. Now we deserve to name Fuga-gar-googolplex! (We might say fuga-googolplex, however why bother once we understand that Kieran is just going to say Fuga-gar-googolplex best afterwards?)

There we have actually it. A number so huge that the boggles the ears just in the speaking. Gar-googolplex increased to the gar-googolplex a gar-googolplex times! Bigger 보다 the number of all the atoms in the universe!