Today any kind of 1879 Morgan silver- dollar worth is a minimum of $22.55. Her old coin is heavy with over 3/4 oz pure silver, forming a high basic price.

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Now add in the popular of collecting silver dollars and also collector demand, with the result, many are precious far above silver value.

Here are vital factors to think about in your coin values.

Mintmarks: evident by the chart, 1879 dollars through the "CC" mintmark space scarce today since of low production numbers when very first minted. A nearby up photo to assist locate mintmarks is additional down the page.

Condition: rare coin dealers and collectors avidly search for nice condition coins. Height quality is rare and also desirable, but less renowned are heavily worn 1879 silver dollars, these profession close to silver value. If her coin still maintain its original information with no wear the is conveniently a greater value silver- dollar.

Discovering rarely mintmarks and high problem all contributes to just how much your old silver- dollar is worth.


Mintmarks space a little but important detail deciding 1879 Morgan silver dollar value. Finding your coin was struck at the Carson City mint, established by "CC" top top the reverse boosts the potential value. Just below the ribbon is one of two people an "S" for the mountain Francisco mint, one "O" indicating brand-new Orleans or the "CC" mark. If none is uncovered your coin was produced at the Philadelphia mint.

Preserving your 1879 Morgan silver- Dollar Value

Realizing or keeping the highest possible value of your old silver- dollars is as easy as no doing anything, i.e. Cleaning. Not… cleaning any type of coin is just one of the safest means of keeping value. Take care of them by the edges and storing in areas that space not damp quickly eliminates significant causes the lowering value.

Collectors prize the inquiry of "cleaning coins" by your actions. When considering a coin for their collection, if it has been cleaned, lock pass.

Pictured room two scarce and also popular 1879-CC Morgan dollars, both room slightly worn to the same degree. Importantly, also though the two space equal in the lot of wear, prices for each in ~ auction were far from the same. Despite the desirability of Carson City dollars, previous cleaning brought about the coin top top the bottom attracting a bid $276. Drawing mutable bids, the top coin through its natural surfaces sold higher at $920.

Auction results and also prices always favor original and natural over cleaned instances of the very same coin. Please withstand the feeling, that is not essential to clean your old coins in an effort to improve their value.


Judge condition to Accurately value Your 1879 dissension

Judging the problem of your coin is one of the subtle however important components of place a value. Collectors are always searching for silver- dollars in height condition, they study closely the lot of wear on silver- dollars. In their evaluation a "grade" the its problem is assigned help determine an accurate value. Discover the closest condition-grade enhance to your 1879 dollar utilizing the images.


Uncirculated: A silver- dollar in "uncirculated" problem has never circulated through commerce. Mirroring no indications of wear, her coin need to still have the look of brand new. Any loss that metal as result of wear shows up on Liberty"s temple and also coronet within the hair.


Extremely Fine: Slight wear however still sharply identified with abundant information remaining defines the extremely fine grade. A couple of points to examine, the hair behind the ear and the large cotton blossoms simply above. These must still retain ample information but also display evidence of minor wear.

Fine: Long time use in circulation has now reduced original design detail come the suggest of merging. Clearly visible middle wear explains silver dollars in "fine" condition. Liberty"s hair both over and below the ear is noticeably worn, flat spots currently replacing the original fine lines. Noodle blossoms beside "Y" in Liberty must show a separation indigenous the flower to the sustaining leaves.

Good: An 1879 silver dollar in "good" condition is distinctly "flat" in appearance. The initial separation that Liberty"s hair and also forehead has worn away. Her ear quiet shows, yet hair over and behind is smooth and also connecting to she cheek. Liberty is visible in the head band however the noodle blossoms are currently lost. With the exemption those minted in Carson City 1879 Morgan silver dollar value in this class is tied come its metal content.





























Morgan silver- Dollar worths | Popular and also Valuable

Every collector admires these big silver coins, every collector wants one. Your popularity is immense. Worth end $21.76 each due to the fact that of silver content alone. Inspect your coins with the grading images and also value charts. Uncover a rarely date, mintmark or a far better condition coin and Morgan silver dollar values start climbing.

Silver Dollar worths | Charts covering Years 1794-1935

Including an ext relating to her 1879 Morgan silver- dollar value. These beforehand dollars are ending up being valuable. Easily discover how much your old coins are worth.

Covering Bust Dollars start in 1794 next Seated dollars through Morgan and the last of the tranquility silver dollars. All include value charts, alongside grading pictures to discover the exact value of her old dollars.

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Today over there is a wide range of usual to rarely coin values discovered in your crate of old coins. From your old pennies to gold coins, all us coin collection are covered. Inspect value charts, identify mintmark locations and also judge condition using grading images... All integrate to accurately uncover the worth of your old coins.

Preparing to market Silver Coins

Silver dollars, the Morgan and Peace series, space in need by dealers. These old coins are an extremely liquid in the coin collecting market. Over there are always buyers interested in purchasing her coins. Get the highest price by separating the collectable indigenous the bullion priced pieces. For much more info check out the offer Silver Coins article.