The 1953 two dollar legitimate tender keep in mind is unique looking because it has actually a red seal. Yet just since it"s a nice-looking old note with a various seal shade doesn"t do it valuable. Many of castle were printed so the value isn"t as high as various other collectible paper money. End 79 million traditional 1953 two dollar notes were printed. Secondary 3.9 million 1953 star note were additionally printed.

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On the prior of the invoice there is a portrait of thomas Jefferson and also on the turning back side there is an image of Monticello, which was Jefferson"s key plantation. Each of these notes were published in Washington DC and also then distributed all throughout the unified States. Over there were 4 different collection printed, and some of them space valuable. In addition, star note are easily accessible and castle are more valuable 보다 the typical bills.



Denomination:$2.00 U.S. Dollar
Type:Legal tender Note
Seal Varieties:One: Red
Series:Four: 1953, 1953A, 1953B, 1953C

So why is the seal red? It"s due to the fact that during this time America to be still ~ above the yellow standard. There to be silver and gold certificates in circulation that had blue seals. This 2 dollar bill was issued as a legal soft note so the red seal identified it.

The government produced legal tender notes since they needed an ext money come spend. These legal tender notes were usually loans to the United states government. Lock couldn"t be redeemed for silver or gold favor the various other notes.

The worth is mostly going to rely on the series and the bill"s condition. Besides condition, there room a few pricing components that can potentially come into play. Bills with low serial numbers, high serial numbers, date of birth serial numbers, and also uncommon serial numbers deserve to make a bill much more valuable.

Below room the values in very fine condition and also MS 63 uncirculated condition.

SeriesVery FineMS 63 Uncirculated

Star Notes


If you have a bill through a star symbol before the serial number climate it"s well-known as a star note. Star notes are replacement notes the are much more rare and an ext valuable. The table listed below will present the prices because that each collection in an extremely fine condition and also MS 63 uncirculated condition.

Grading System

Very fine- A note that has been in circulation but not because that a lengthy time. The note is still fairly crisp. There might be part creases, folds, or light smudges.

MS 63 an option uncirculated- A keep in mind that shows no signs of ever having remained in circulation. The keep in mind still has actually its original crispness. The keep in mind is likewise well-centered.

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The 1953 two dollar red seal is a bill that looks more valuable climate it in reality is. The majority of this bills aren"t very valuable but they are a part of America"s background and they deserve to make good gifts. If you"re interested in an useful two dollar receipt then inspect out the rare ranges of the 1928 2 dollar bill and also the 1976 two dollar bill. is not a dealer or refiner.We execute not to buy or sell valuable metal. is a participant in assorted affiliate programs, consisting of the Amazon solutions LLC Associates Program.This is one affiliate declaring program draft to carry out a way for sites come earn advertising fees through advertising and linking come Amazon.