I have a 1995 Honda Accord LX 2.2L v 152,000 mile I have actually a had actually a trouble with my speedometer and also odometer no working. Sometimes they both work yet most of the moment my speedometer reads 20 MPH v the automobile started and my odometer doesn"t move. What can be the issue?Thanks, Corey

Sounds choose it might be a problem with the VSS (Vehicle rate Sensor). Does the transmission change correctly? If so the VSS is most likely great and you are looking in ~ an problem in the tool clusterSee the fastened wiring diagram- The VSS goes right to the swarm for speedometer/odometer

how do you fix an odometer ~ above a 97 Honda Accord? The tripometer is also not working, however, the speedometer IS working.Any assist would be appreciated. Thanks!

mine 94 Honda Accord speedometer and also odometer no working. The speedometer dropped to ZERO and odometer quit register milage when I was driving. Then the irradiate on D4 was blinking and Checking Engine light also came on. Deserve to you phone call me what"s wrong v my car? Thanks.
ns not sure if your vehicle has a speedo cable but if that does climate its broken. If your car doesnt has actually a speedo cable climate that method your rate sensor is negative
The odometer and also trip odometer have actually stopped functioning on my 1994 Accord. The speedometer and Tach room fine, simply the odometer(s).What could be the problem and also how is it fixed?
hi mak1010, shot pushing the pilgrimage meter button a few times to watch if the odometer starts working again.As speedometer is working, that is not a bad automobile speed sensor. The trouble lies in the meter cluster, it could be a negative motor for running the odometer and also trip meter.It could also be a poor printed circuit in the meter cluster.
hi ggause, If over there is any kind of CEL, gain it scanned to find out the error code. I suspect the rate sensor to be faulty ccausing the speedometer not to work.
transmission problem1995 Honda Accord 4 cyl automatically We have a 1995 Honda accord, a mechanic had replaced the seals in the transmission. Now the odometer and also speedometer room not working. We were told that this can be some form of sensor. Not certain what the trouble is.
hello My car has a faulty odometer and also the rate guage. They job-related from time come time and also I yes, really dont know what I might be. I can be steering in the highway and also it could not work every one of a sudden its working fine yet then again the next day it could just avoid working.
mine speedometer/odometer on mine "93 Honda Accord go not occupational 90% of the time. If that is the speed sensor, wherein is it situated exactly?
VSs is locate on height of transaxle, just below the thermostat housing. Remove the waiting intake hose would permit you to locate it easily.
Please assist My auto Starts Screaming as soon as I turn It On near The power Sterring Motor 보다 After the My Odometer and Speed Odometer Stop...

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