Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location and assignment of fuses Ford explorer UN105/UN150 (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003).

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

Fuses and also circuit breakers protect your vehicle’s electrical system native overloading. If electrical parts in your automobile are not working, the device may have actually been overloaded and blown a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker. Before you replace or repair any type of electrical parts, inspect the appropriate fuses or circuit breakers.

To check a fuse, look in ~ the silver-colored band inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse.


Before instead of fuses inspect that the vital has been eliminated from the ignition and that all the solutions are switched turn off and/or disengaged.Always disconnect the battery prior to servicing high existing fuses.Always replace a fuse v one that has the specified amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating can cause severe cable damage and could begin a fire.Never change a damaged fuse v anything other than a brand-new fuse. Use constantly an undamaged fuse of the same color.If a fuse blows again contact a qualified business center.

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Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

Pull the panel out to accessibility the passenger compartment fuse panel.



№AFused component
17.51994-2000: Power mirror Switch, power Antenna, storage Seat (1997-2000)
52001-2003: Mirrors, Autolamp
27.51994-1996: High-Mount Brakelamp
1997-2000: Blower motor Relay, wait Bag Diagnostic Monitor
2001-2003: Cluster, Autolamp. Generic digital Module (GEM), Keyless entry, 4x4
37.51997-2001: Left Stop/Turn Trailer Tow Connector
2002-2003: Trailer Tow Right-hand Stop/Turn Lamps
151994-1996: Parking lamp, Instrument swarm Gauges
4101994-2000: Left Headlamp
152001: Subwoofer
7.52002-2003: Starter
5101994-2000: Data connect Connector (DLC)
152001-2003: Park lamps, Autolamps, I/P dimming, Trailer tow
67.51994-1996: Air Bag System, Blower Relay, EATC
1997-2000: Rear Blower motor (Without EATC)
2001; Without behind Blower: Airbag Diagnostic Monitor
2002-2003: Air bags, Cluster
152001; through Rear Blower: Blower motor Relay, Airbag Diagnostic Monitor
77.51994-1996: Illumination Switches
1997-2001: Right Stop/Turn Trailer Tow Connector
2002-2003: Trailer Tow Left-hand Stop/Turn Lamps
8101994-2001: Right Headlamp, Foglamp Relay, DRL (1996), Lamp out Warning (1996)
7.52002-2003: Cluster, Audio, GEM
97.51997-2001: Brake Pedal position Switch
2002-2003: Speed control, Anti-lock Brake system (ABS), 4x4, Powertrain manage Module (PCM), Park interlock, Keyless entry
101994-1996: EATC system, chair Memory, article Center, moving Phone, Autolamps
107.51994-1996: EATC System, behind Blower, rate Control, GEM System, Brake Interlock, Overhead Console, automatic Ride Control, Lamp the end Warning
1997-2001: Speed Control/Amplifier Assembly, Generic digital Module (GEM), transition Lock Actuator, blend Door Actuator, A/C - Heater Assembly, Flasher, Overhead Console (1998-2000), fill Leveling Module (1998-2000), Brake pressure Switch (1997)
152002-2003: Ignition, IPATS
117.51994-1996: Warning lamps, Autolamp
1997-2001: Instrument Cluster, 4X4 Module (2001)
152002-2003: Subwoofer
127.51994-2000: Washer Pump Relay, rear Washer Pump Relay
102001: Washer Pump Relay, rear Washer Pump Relay
152002-2003: Air bags, Climate control, behind climate control
13201997-2000: Brake Pedal position Switch, Brake pressure Switch
151994-1996: PCM System, Stoplamps, AWD, reverse- Lock Brake, rate Control, Trailer Tow
2001: Brake Pedal position Switch, Brake press Switch
2002-2003: Stop lamps, speed control, Auxiliary center High-Mounted avoid Lamp (CHMSL)
14101994-2001: 4 Wheel Anti-Lock Brake system (4WABS) Module, 4WABS key Relay
2003: Air bags
157.51994-2001: Instrument Cluster
2002-2003: 4x4 module
16301994-2001: Windshield Wiper Motor, Wiper Hi-Lo Relay, Wiper Run/Park Relay
7.52002-2003: Turn signals, Park interlock, Overhead console, Climate control, 4x4, rate control
17251994- 2000: Cigar Lighter
202001- 2003: Cigar Lighter, Data link Connector
18251997-2000: Drivers Unlock Relay, every Unlock Relay, all Lock Relay
151994-1996: A/C System
202001-2003: Power locks, Keyless entry
19251994-1996: Ignition Coil, PCM System
1997-2001: PCM power Diode
152002-2003: Trailer Tow Park Lamps
207.51994-1996: Radio, strength Antenna, GEM System, Anti-Theft, cCellular Phone
1997-2000: RAP Module, Generic digital Module (GEM), Radio
2001: Generic electronic Module (GEM), Radio, Moonroof Relay, Power home window Relay
152002-2003: Daytime to run Lamps (DRL), turning back lamps, PCM
21151994-2002: Flasher (Hazard)
202003: Heated seats
22201997-2001: Auxiliary power Socket
2002-2003: I/P strength point
101994-1996: Turn signals
23101994-1996: Rear wiper system
2002-2003: Front/Rear washers
247.51997-2001: Clutch Pedal place (CPP) Switch, Starter Interrupt Relay, Anti-Theft
101994-1996: Starter Relay
302002-2003: Front wiper
257.51994-1996: Speedometer, GEM System
1997-2003: Generic electronic Module (GEM), instrument Cluster, Securi-Lock
26101994-1996: 4R44E/4R55E/4R7OW/5R55E Overdrive, DRL System, back-up Lamps, AWD, behind Defroster
1997-2003: Battery Saver Relay, Electronic shift Relay (1997-2000), inner Lamp Relay, Electronic shift Control Module (1997-2000)
27151997-2001: DRL, back-up Lamps Switch, DTR Sensor, electrical Shift
101994-1996: Under Hood Lamp, Map Lamps, glove Box Lamp, Dome Lamp, Visor Lamps, Accessory Delay, Dimmer switch Illumination, 4x4 System
7.52002-2003: Audio, Windows, GEM, Moonroof, behind window
287.51994-2001: Generic digital Module (GEM) (1994-2000), Radio (1997-2001), storage Seat (1994-2000)
152002-2003: Rear wiper (on glass)
29101994-1999: Radio
202001: Radio
2002-2003: Audio, rear audio
252000: Radio
30151997-2000: Park Lamp/Trailer Tow Relay
252001-2003: Power Seats
317.51994-1996: Rear blower system
52001: Rear Blower Motor
2002: Rear climate control
2003: Instrument panel dimming (XLS)/Rear audio control (XLT)
32101997-2000: Heated Mirror
7.51994-1996: Heated Mirror, behind Defroster
52001-2002: Heated Rear home window Switch
33151994-1996: High Beam Lamps
1997-2001: Headlamps, Daytime to run Lamps (DRL) Module, tool Cluster
2002-2003: Highbeam headlamps
347.51994-1996: Lux Audio System
1997-2000: Rear incorporated Control Panel, CD
52001: Rear incorporated Control Panel
2002-2003: Rear audio
357.51997-2000: Real-Blower engine (w/EATC)
152001: 4X4 Module
52002-2003: ABS module
367.51997-2000: ATC Memory, CD, Rear combined Control Panel, memory Seat, post Center
152001: Trailer Tow Relay