An ICM is nothing much more than a move that turns the ignition system “On” or “Off”. Within of the distributor over there is a sensor that sends out a signal to the ICM, which is then provided to fire up the ignition coil that will produce enough power for the spark plugs. The spark have to be strong enough to connect the gap between the spark plugs,therefore developing enough voltage come ignite the fuel/air mixture because that a well timed combustion. The ignition regulate module must control the timing of the spark so the it is able come occur specifically at the ideal cylinder and also the perfect moment. If girlfriend would favor to know more about the ignition process you deserve to do for this reason by reading our next post.

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How to identify the Ignition manage Module.

The ICM location varies indigenous make, to models and of course to the year the car was built. Please note that part cars can not have a different ICM but is instead regulated by the Engine control Module (ECM) which go by various names such together the Powertrain manage Module( PCM) / Engine control Unit (ECU). Prior to going ahead and also look for it. Fire up your find engine and find the end whether you have actually an integrated Electronic Ignition device so you won’t finish up reading this since it won’t be of any kind of use.

Typically the Ignition control Module is located inside the the distributor housing or an installed on the side of the engine compartment. No to state the obvious, but once one engine module goes negative your automobile will no run at all, however luckily you deserve to fix that through the easiest of tools and also in 3 simple to monitor test.

trial and error an Ignition module is simple so, here is what you will need

A wiring chart of her vehicle(which have the right to be discovered online)Wire Piercing probesA helper(to crank the engine)A 12 volt test lightA replacement ignition switch**

As you can an alert this list is basic and perfect if you’re do the efforts to occupational with a budget.


Step 1 : Check your ICM for current.

Using the negative lead of your DVOM( Digital Volt Ohm Meter ) soil it to the vehicle’s steel frame. PS : that MUST be grounded turn off a metal component of the car. Now have your helper crank the engine if you’re trial and error the different terminals for current. If over there is no current being passed to the terminals sadly you will have to replace the whole ignition regulate module.

Step 2 : Check your ICM Spark Plugs ( ignition module ) because that current.

To check the spark plugs for current, you will grab her 12v test light and also tap right into your spark plugs terminals. If her test flickers constantly when you crank the engine climate you deserve to go ahead and also note that your plugs space in great working conditions. Currently the difficulty is friend will need to run a much an ext thorough test because that the other contents in her vehicle. No current? store reading.

Step 3 : Isolate the problem.

You have had no current, currently what? We’re walk to have to inspect for continuity. I usually start by inspecting each wires for indicators of break,burnt point out or any type of sorts of fraying these are usually the tell-tale signs.

Using her DVOM check switch come the OHMS setup and carefully retest the ICM wires again. Make sure you are experimentation the wires walking from/to the ignition control module and also spark plugs. If you space still acquiring an infinite reading off her DVOM climate you can go ahead and also conclude the your wires space faulty.

Once you’re done if it’s the wires that requirements to be changed it won’t it is in too lot of a hassle to repair however you could end increase needing the aid of a default mechanic or girlfriend can easily do it you yourself if you’re up because that the challenge. Currently if it is no a wiring problem or no an ignition coil issue and you’re in require of an ignition manage module, you’re in luck due to the fact that here at Flagship One we carry the nation’s largest inventory of ignition control module and much better yet we have actually the most reasonable price so be sure to examine out our store or just give us a call at516-766-2223.Ourexpertsareheretohelp!


deserve to you check an ignition regulate module?

Yes, girlfriend can absolutely test one ignition regulate module and using a multimeter is one of the fastest method to execute so.

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What walk the ignition control module do?

The Ignition regulate Module or ICM is nothing more than a switch per se that turns the ignition mechanism “On” or “Off”.

exactly how do you check an ignition manage module in GM?

Step 1 : check your ICM for current. Step 2 : Check her Spark Plugs ( ignition module ) for current. Step 3 : isolation the problem.

how do I recognize if mine ignition manage module is bad?

if you are not getting any current come or from her ICM her ignition manage module is bad. Check out our post and also use a multi meter