Use the calculator listed below to convert square feet come cubic feet by beginning the area and height. Girlfriend can also convert cubic feet to square feet by start the volume and height.

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Before we start converting measurements, it’s essential to know the difference in between square feet and cubic feet. Square footage is a measure up of area, when cubic clip is a measure up of volume.


The image over shows the difference between the two measurements.

Because these are fully different species of measure, you’ll need some added data to convert between the two. In stimulate to convert either way, you’ll require the height of the space.

How to transform Square Feet to Cubic Feet

To transform square feet come cubic feet utilizing the area and also height, you’ll should use a counter formula.

Square Ft to Cubic Ft Formula

You can use the complying with formula to transform square feet come cubic feet:

cu ft = sq ft × height

The volume in cubic feet is equal to the area in square feet time the height in feet. Shot our square clip calculator to discover the area.

For example, let’s calculate the cubic clip of a 5 square foot area the is 2 feet high.

volume = 5 sq ft × 2 ftvolume = 10 cu ft

You can likewise use our calculator to convert to cubic yards.

How to transform Cubic Feet come Square Feet

When you understand the volume in cubic feet you can reverse the formula over to convert it to square feet.

Cubic Ft come Square Ft Formula

This formula shows how to transform from a volume come an area measurement.

sq ft = cu ft ÷ height

The area in square feet is same to the volume in cubic feet divided by the elevation in feet. Inspect out our cubic feet calculator to uncover the volume the a space.

For example, let’s calculation the square footage of an area in a 15 cubic foot volume that is 3 feet high.

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area = 15 cu ft ÷ 3 ftarea = 5 sq ft

You might likewise be interested in our linear feet to square feet calculator.


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