In this article, we think about the third-generation Lincoln Town car before a facelift, created from 1998 to 2002. Here you will uncover fuse crate diagrams that Lincoln Town vehicle 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002, obtain information around the place of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn around the assignment of every fuse (fuse layout) and also relay.

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Passenger Compartment

The fuse panel is situated below and to the left the the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Remove the dashboard cover to access the fuses.


Engine Compartment

The power distribution box is situated in the engine compartment.


1998, 1999 and also 2000Passenger compartment

Engine compartment


Assignment that the fuses and also relays in the engine compartment (1998-2000)№Amp RatingDescription
150AIgnition Switch
240AIgnition Switch
350ACooling Fan-High Speed
430APCM strength Relay
540AI/P Fuse Panel, Fuses 10, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 32 (Long Wheel basic Only)
630AStarting System
750AI/P Fuse Panel, Fuses 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 31
830ADriver power Seat, I/P Fuse Panel, Fuse 30
950AAnti-Lock Brakes
1040ARear Defrost
1140AAccessory delay Relay (Signature/Cartier), Power window Relay (Executive), I/P Fuse Panel, Fuse 29
1230AAir Suspension
1315ACharging System
1420AFuel Pump
1510A1998: waiting Bags (10A)1999-2000: no Used
1630AHeated Seats
1710AAir Suspension
1930ASubwoofer, I/P Fuse Panel, Fuse 23
2015AFuel Injectors
2115A1998: boil Oxygen Sensors1999-2000: cook Oxygen Sensors, transmission Solenoids, EVAP Canaster Vent Solenoid, EGR Vacuum Regulator, EVAP Vapor monitoring Valve
22Not Used
23Not Used
2420AAuxiliary strength Outlet
2530APower Lumbar, Passenger strength Seat
2630ACooling Fan-Low rate (Circuit Breacker)
27Not Used
1Fuel Pump Relay
2A/C Clutch Relay
3PCM strength Relay
4Air Suspension Relay
5Rear Defrost Relay

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2001 and also 2002Passenger compartment

Assignment that the fuses in the passenger compartment (2001-2002)№Amp RatingDescription
110ALighting control Module (LCM), Left-Hand low Beam Headlamp
230AEATC Blower Motor
310ALighting control Module (LCM), Right-Hand low Beam Headlamp
47.5AInstrument Cluster
57.5ALighting regulate Module (LCM), Instrument panel Light
615AEATC, heated Seats
715ALighting regulate Module (LCM), Day/Night Sensor/Amplifier, Park/Tail Lamps
810AShift Lock, speed Control, air Suspension, Steering Wheel Rotation Sensor
920 ALighting manage Module (LCM), Multi-Function Switch, hello Beam Headlamps
1010ARestraint control Module (RCM), waiting Bags
11Not Used
1215AInstrument Cluster, Anti-Theft, Ignition Switch, Ignition Coils
1310AAnti-Lock Brake Module, Traction control Switch
147.5ATransmission manage Switch, Lighting control Module (LCM), VCS
1520AMulti-Function Switch, revolve Signals
1630AWiper control Module (WCM), Windshield Wiper Motor
1710ADigital Transmission selection (DTR) Sensor, Back-Up Lamps, EC Mirrors
187.5ALighting control Module (LCM), prior Radio regulate Unit, moving Telephone Transceiver, digital Day/Night Mirror, Compass Module/Rear Audio/Climate manage Module, VCS
1910AEATC, Clock, instrument Cluster, PCM
207.5ALighting regulate Module (LCM), ABS, shift Lock
2120AMulti-Function Switch, peril Lamps
2220AMulti-Function Switch, High an installed Stop Lamps, stop Lamps
2320ADatalirik Connector, I/P Cigar Lighter, Reardoor Cigar Lighters (Long Wheel basic Only)
245AFront Radio control Unit
2515ALighting control Module (LCM), Courtesy/Demand Lamps
265ADigital Transmission selection (DTR) Sensor, Starter Relay Coil
2720AFuel Filler Door release Switch
2810AHeated Mirrors
2920ALF Door Module, Door Locks, Decklid Release
307.5ALF seat Module, stems Lid relax Switch, Door Lock Switches, LF Seat regulate Switch, LF Door Module, power Mirror Switch
317.5AMain irradiate Switch, Lighting regulate Module (LCM)
3225ABrake Pedal place Switch (BPP), Brake push Switch, Fuses 20 and also 22
3315AFront Radio control Unit, Digital Compact disk Changer, moving Telephone Transceiver, VCS
Relay 1Accessory hold-up Relay (Signature/Cartier) or Power home window Relay (Executive)