This article will take it the reader with a former engine tear down of a 2.2L Toyota Camry with the 5S-FE engine featured from 1997 to 2001. The timing belt will then it is in removed and also a new belt installed, with careful attention offered to the time positions the the the camshaft and also crankshaft. Other jobs feasible now v the engine apart room the former oil seals and the water pump replacement.

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The task at a glance

Tools: Floor or various other jack, jack stands, 1/4", 3/8" and also 1/2" journey metric sockets 10, 12, 14 and also 19mm, wratches and also wrenches, huge breaker bar, harmonic balancer remover or various other puller, 2 6mm x 70mm thread pitch 1.00 bolts.Parts: time beltMaterials:Time: 1.5 hrs
2) ease the right front wheel lug nuts, jack increase the front and also remove the wheel. Set down on stand or blocks. I choose wood blocks.
4) remove the bigger drive belt. Loosen the 14mm alternator pivot bolt and the 12mm alternator convey lock bolt. Then rotate the 14mm adjustment bolt clockwise till the belt loosens sufficient to remove.
Loosen the bolts suggested by the white arrows. Rotate orange to eliminate belt.

5) eliminate or set aside the alternator. This is optional, however recommended since it is quite easy and affords more room come work. Eliminate the two previously mentioned bolts, unplug the wiring and unbolt the 10 mm battery add to connection. If preferred it can be collection aside, out of the method with wiring attached.
6) eliminate the front engine mount, sometimes referred to as the "dogbone." Unbolt three 14mm mounting bolts and also jiggle that out.7) Unplug a chassis ground.
Remove these 3 bolts and unplug the soil wire.

8) remove the triangular shaped front engine mounting bracket. The height bolt is easy, but let"s acquire into some detail on the much harder reduced two bolts.This is a small spot, a only 7 mm broad and utilizing a socket the is also shallow will not enable the ratchet bar to clear and also turn.Find part tools through a linked width that 5.5 come 6.5 cm(2.75"). Finding this ahead of time will conserve frustration in installation an effective tool in there. I used a 14mm 1/2" journey socket along with a breaker bar to acquire the radiator next bolt broke. The ago one took a 1/2" thin headed ratchet and also the exact same socket. Smaller sized tools will be essential to completely remove the bolts
These lower bolts are hard due to tight access
9) remove the strength steering belt. The difficulty is in loosening a 10 mm pivot bolt over the pump. I gained in there with tiny tools, a 1/4" socket and ratchet v a little cheater pipe. Now the simpler lower 10mm bolt, easily accessible with 3/8" ratchet, socket and 6 inch expansion bar. Now relocate the pump front to loosen and also remove the belt.
Loosening the power steering pump pivot bolt
10) remove the top timing cover. Over there arefour 10 mm bolts the three different lengths supplied here. The reduced one is a challenge. The top firewall next bolt is an extremely long and owing to it"s good length and also a tiny arc of device rotation, quickly becomes tedious come remove. The other lengthy bolt is additionally on top and the length is required as that serves twin duty together a wiring exploit holder. V all 4 removed, jiggle the cover, with a very tight clearance up and also out.11) place the engine in the peak dead facility timing position. This is best done by transforming the crankshaft v a socket and also breaker bar. Watch the timing section below for detail on this position.
12) remove the crank wheel bolt. This 19mm bolt will likely be a an obstacle if you don"t have actually air tools. I generally use a home-made fixture for this job, made out of 1/4" edge iron. That didn"t occupational on this application. Instead, ns was compelled to use the "starter bump" method, and also I was pleased v the results. Take precautions to disable the ignition (starting the automobile is a really bad thing in this situation). I found pulling the spark plug wires the easiest way. Wire up a big breaker bar in ~ a best angle to a an extensive part. I offered the lower manage arm. Then offer the starter a few taps. No One can be anywhere near that side of the car during this procedure!
The breaker bar demands to it is in secured prior to bumping the starter

13) remove the harmonic balancer. Likely you will should use a puller as I did. If so you will need two bolts, 6mm x 70mm through a thread key of 1.00.
This is a steering wheel puller that worked an excellent here
14) remove the reduced timing cover. This is easy with 4 obtainable 10mm bolts come remove. Part wiring will must be unclasped prior to the covering is removed.15) eliminate a small thin cup washer.16) loosen the anxiety pulley, relocate it downward, organize it there through a pry bar and also tighten in that lowered position.17) Slip off the time belt.

Setting up the time Positions the the Cam and Crank Shafts

1) set camshaft timing. The hole in the cam sprocket will align with a tick mark on the bearing cap behind it. It may aid to inspect this by putting a tiny tool v the hole and also feeling for the recessed mite mark.
The alignment marks because that the camshaft
2) collection up the crankshaft timing. This marks are very small, so below are some images to assist find them.
The little bump should align through a mark on the sprocket....
...this is the small v-shaped time mark

1) download the idler wheel if eliminated or replaced. Torque to 31 ft lbs.
The idler is torqued to 31 ft lbs
2) download the tension wheel if removed or replaced. Carry out not torque in ~ this time. Temporarily tighten the in the downward place as vital to download the belt.3) install the belt. Begin at the radiator side, maintaining that next of the belt straff (slack free). Object it with the various other side and when completely positioned, release anxiety on the tension pulley only sufficient to take it up the slack in the belt. Carry out not torque the belt in ~ this time. This comes later.
Loosen the tension wheel to apply tension come the belt
4) install the belt overview washer. The bowed side encounters out.5) install the lower timing cover. Make keep in mind of the timing note on the cover- 45 degrees before top dead center. Ns highlighted it v white paint for much easier ID.
The note highlighted in white is 45 degrees before TDC
6) download the harmonic balancer.7) install crankshaft pulley bolt. The does not should be torqued at this time.8) rotate the engine by hand 1 7/8 turns. At this point the mark on the harmonic balancer will certainly align through the note 45 degrees prior to top dead center on the lower timing cover. Currently you have the right to torque the tension sheave to 31 ft lbs.9) revolve the engine manually with two revolutions, making sure it turns freely and recheck all timing marks afterward.

Reassemble the former of the Engine

I locked it v a 1/4 angle bracket with 6mm x 70mm bolts

2) install the upper timing cover. Over there are 4 10mm bolts of three various lengths. The two upper bolts room longest and a wiring harness holder slips end the finish of the threads. The shortest bolt is much shorter and the most daunting and will have to be began by feel.
4) download the prior engine bracket v the 3 14mm bolts. I might find no torque stated for this bolts. To assure alignment, the is recipient to begin the dogbone mount bolts before torquing the bracket.
6) download the strength steering belt. Usage a pry device to tighten the belt to appropriate deflection while tightening the reduced 10mm mountain bolt with a 3/8" ratchet with a six inch extension.

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7) Tighten the upper 10mm power steering lock bolt. This one is a struggle to reach. I used a 1/4" ratchet and socket.
8) install the alternator and drive belt. Insanity in the long 14mm pivot and hand tighten. Download the 12mm
adjustment lock bolt and again hand tighten. Place the belt and also turn the mediate bolt counter-clockwise till the belt deflection is correct. Tighten both pivot and lock bolt