My speedometer will work-related when I very first use my vehicle in the morning, but after about ten minute of driving that quits working and also then the odometer stops and the cruise regulate will not work. Some are saying that is a speed sensor, but the mechanic said it is still resting the history while it is working. Also, no engine light. Other things top top the cluster are working choose RPM meter and fuel guage. Speedometer simply stops. What should I replace?

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the is correct. That drove the vehicle and also his machine that that had linked to the diagnostic harbor was mirroring the speed. He said that supposed the rate sensor to be working and that I should replace the cluster. The odd point is, every morning, the speedometer functions fine until the car gets heated up and going, climate it simply quits. Usually around after fifteen to twenty minute of driving.

hi Chris, It sounds choose the swarm is bad, it might be regarded the temperature gauge, yet these are combined into the cluster so that still demands to be replaced. These gauges space made in high volume and also fail often so that is not unexplained to replace the cluster. Please let us know how it goes. We usage a ar in Brea, California referred to as AER you can UPS the cluster to them so they deserve to rebuild it.

So, replacing the swarm did nothing. It is the very same issue. This particular day I drove back from a ar 2 hours away through my old swarm still in. Once I drove the this morning, the old swarm did simply fine every the method home for 2 hrs of continuous highway driving. It is as soon as I gained closer to residence where it was stop and also go, the it quit working. I replaced the old cluster through the brand-new one i purchased, and the speedometer is still no working. Once I allow the vehicle sit because that an hour and also cool, the will work again. It appears that it goes out in typical stop and also start commute driving. Once I go on the highway, that does just fine, as long as I obtain there before it quits working. Any kind of ideas on the situation now?
Hey Chris, that looks choose the speedo is feeding by the cruise controller, this unit maybe heating up and then failing, I want to ask the the VSS still present a reading as soon as the speedo is no working? If for this reason the cruise unit could be in ~ fault, right here is a diagram.
once the mechanic plugged in his reader and drove the vehicle, he might see the rate reported ~ above his an equipment even despite the speedometer was no working. This, that says, way the VSS is working properly. I saw an additional post saying that there is a quick in the signal wire the goes indigenous the rate sensor come the back of the swarm (through the firewall). Apparently as soon as they cut that signal wire and replaced it, the speedometer operated properly again. Trouble is, I have no idea where that cable is or how to change it v the firewall.
I have seen a comparable problem top top the Saturn's 1991-1994. The speed signal that drives the speedometer goes thru the electric power chair belt module then goes come the speedometer. So as soon as that component of the module we bad you might lose your speedometer reading.
thanks saturntech9, that looks favor the speedo feed goes with the cruise regulate unit, grn/org wire, i would try a new wire find it indigenous the sensor come the cruise manage unit first, or change the cruise manage unit.
Or gain some of those bullet style male female connectors for this reason you have the right to bypass the cruise control module to check out if it's bad. Before investing in a cruise module.

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Engine performance problem2002 Kia Spectra 4 cyl front Wheel journey Automatic 197K milesYesterday i was driving around 40 mph and the speedometer top top the automobile started jumping and also then once to zero. As I slowed down and continue to drive the speedometer simply bounced around. In addition to this happening, the car intermittently sputtered. I had about a 1/4 of a tank of gas. I visited the gas station; included enough gas to have actually over a half tank and also drove home slowly. Back the speedometer tho did not occupational the vehicle stop sputtering. Today, ns left in the morning hours to go to work-related the car acted normal. This even the vehicle still journey fine, yet as quickly as ns was about to obtain off the beltway, the auto started doing the exact same stuff as the work before. No gauges displayed; however, I already had a check engine light visible but was told formerly it to be a sensor so the was no a major item come be changed at this time.