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It has only 78,500 miles on it however being about 7 years old I chose to have the time belt changed. Likewise the water pump was adjusted as recommended during this service. Two local Honda dealers want $1,200 to $1,400 for this work, I had actually a regional trusted mechanic carry out the work-related for $900. Throughout this work he stated the main belt tensioner war frozen and also should it is in changed, this added another $225 to the total price. I am happy through the service and the car runs great.Moderator"s note: To protect against confusion, I simply wanted to suggest out the the Honda Accord V6 engine in every year Honda Accords with the V6 engine uses a timing BELT- which have to be adjusted roughly every 8 years/110,000 miles- whichever comes first. The I4 engine (that"s the 4 cylinder engine) utilizes a time CHAIN in every 4 cylinder Accords from 2003 onward. Technically speaking, it should last the "life that the engine" and also not require replacing. However, if the car was operation on short oil levels, or top top dirty, the same oil, the life that the time chain will certainly be substantially reduced.In one of two people case- the V6 engine with a time BELT, or the I4 engine v a timing CHAIN, if the belt or chain "skips a tooth" or "jumps a tooth"- your engine will be damaged. These Honda engines are what is recognized as "Zero Tolerance" engines.As our cars get older- or you become the 3rd or fourth owner- it is an extremely important to screen the oil LEVEL frequently, and also check previous maintain records.Last point....when preparing because that a timing belt project on the V6 engine, call your regional Honda dealers and also independent mechanics and also shop around. Compare apples come apples- tensioners and the water pump have to be changed, and some seals. Acquire the every inclusive price and get what will be changed IN WRITING once you gain your estimate. Think me, you don"t desire to obtain a low ball price that $500 for a time belt job, then find out the water pump is secondary $250 and also the tensioner is an additional $200 and now they are adding Honda coolant for $80, etc....get the complete price and a perform of every single thing covered prior to you drive to the shop.Or you can do the yourself. An excellent write ups here- the is not out of the kingdom of the backyard mechanic. Ask questions! Sorry for hi-jacking her thread, Slipkid.

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