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Is over there a way to check and flush the power steering fluid in a 2011 Nissan Sentra?It"s my wife"s car and when she take it it in for an oil adjust they told her she required to do the washing up the system. Ns wasn"t there, and she doesn"t know cars the well, yet she is pretty sure that is what she to be told. I was thinking I could do that myself with the turkey baster technique instead of having actually a shop perform it, yet I wasn"t sure where to discover the reservoir. I didn"t watch it stated in the hand-operated nor experienced something under the hood that looked choose it. Thanks!

on mine 2012 Altima and 2000 Ultima the strength steering reservoir is ~ above the left next to the windshield liquid reservoir and engine coolant reservoir

Hmmm, and also you"re certain that you dont have electronic power steering?Sent from my 5054N utilizing Tapatalk
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