Answer is: mass number is 234.Beta decay is radioactive decay in i m sorry a beta ray and a neutrino are emitted from an atomic nucleus.There are two species of beta decay: beta minus and beta plus. In beta minus decay, neutron is convert to a proton and an electron and an electron antineutrino and in beta add to decay, a proton is convert to a neutron and positron and an electron neutrino, for this reason mass number does no change.

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234 is the mass variety of the resulting aspect that is uranium.


Beta-decay is nuclear process in i beg your pardon a neutron gets converted into a proton and an electron releasing a beta-particle. The beta fragment released carries a charge of -1 units.


So, as soon as protactinium-234 undergoes beta decay to form uranium-234 as resultant element.

The reaction deserve to be express as:


234 is the mass variety of the resulting element that is uranium.

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