3/4 is equivalent (equal) to 9/12 only if the product that the numerator (3) that the an initial fraction and also the denominator (12) that the various other fraction is same to the product the the denominator (4) of the an initial fraction and also the numerator (9) that the various other fraction.

what is an indistinguishable fraction? In math, equivalent fractions have the right to be characterized as fractions with various numerators and also denominators that stand for the same value or proportion of the whole.

Furthermore, what is equal to 3/5 The fraction?

identical Fractions chart portion Fraction Equivalents
3/5 6/10 9/15
4/5 8/10 12/15
1/6 2/12 3/18
5/6 10/12 15/18

What is the portion 3/8 identical to?

1 Answer. A fraction the is equivalent come 38 is 616 .

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What is 3/4 as a decimal?

34 have the right to be convert to a portion x100 . Separating by 100 method you move the decimal point backwards 2 digit spaces. So from the numerator worth 75.00 you relocate two back, and you have 0.7500 or 0.75 .

What is intended by 3 4?

3/4 means something is divided into 4 equal parts and also you space looking at three of them. 3:4 way three the something contrasted to 4 of other else, yet they don"t have to be the same.

What is equivalent fraction with example?

Definition: identical fractions are different fractions that name the exact same number. Let"s look at some an ext examples of equivalent fractions. Two-thirds is tantamount to four-sixths. The fountain three-fourths, six-eighths, and nine-twelfths space equivalent.

What is the identical of 2 5?

Fractions equivalent to 2/5 are 4/10, 6/15, 8/20, 10/25,

What fraction is 4/5 equivalent to?

1 Answer. 45=810=2025=2835=4050=140175

What is the identical of 5 6?

1518 is tantamount to 56 since 15 x 6 = 18 x 5 = 90.

What is a fraction equal come 5?

Answer and also Explanation: 5 as a portion is 5/1. Come write any type of whole number together a fraction, all we have to do is ar the entirety number together the numerator and also place 1 together the

What is 3/12 as a decimal?

Decimal to fraction Convert Answer present = display example in calculator above. 5 to portion 500/100 show 0.25 to portion 25/100 display 0.25 to portion 3/12 display 1.067 to portion 106.7/100 show

How carry out you multiply fractions?

To main point fractions: simplify the fractions if no in shortest terms. Main point the numerators of the fractions to acquire the new numerator. Multiply the platform of the fountain to acquire the new denominator.

What is one equivalent?

indistinguishable Numbers Equivalent method equal in value, function, or meaning. In math, indistinguishable numbers are numbers that room written differently but represent the same amount.

What is the identical for 2 3?

2/3 = 2×4 / 3×4 = 8/12 i beg your pardon is one equivalent fraction of 2/3. Similarly, if we divide the numerator and denominator that 12/18 through 6 us get. 12/18 = 12÷6 / 18÷6 = 2/3. So 12/18 is one equivalent fraction of 2/3 together well.

What is the equivalent fraction of 6 end 8?

34 is tantamount to 68 since 3 x 8 = 4 x 6 = 24. 912 is identical to 68 due to the fact that 9 x 8 = 12 x 6 = 72.
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