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How execute I buy diamond stud earrings?

When purchase something as basic as a timeless pair of diamond studs it"s critical to be education on a few small points to understand what the carat load of your brand-new stunning pair in reality means.

What will certainly a pair that diamond stud earrings look favor on?

The size of Carat full Weight of the pair, or CTW, will be split into fifty percent for each earring in the pair.

Example: 1ctw earrings will have 2- 0.50 carat diamonds that total the earring pair.


Diamond Earring Size overview

What will certainly be the size of every earring in mine diamond studs earring pair?

Because diamond earring bag carat load is an unified weight, every individual carat load for each earring is half of the full weight.

2.00 ctw
1.00 carat each 6.5 MM
1.50 ctw
.75 carat each 5.8MM
1.25 ctw
.62 carat each 5.55MM
1.00 ctw
.50 carat each 5MM
.75 ctw
.375 carat each 4.67MM
.62 ctw
.31 carat each 4.3MM
.50 ctw
.25 carat each 4.1MM
.40 ctw
.20 carat each 3.8MM
.33 ctw
.165 carat each 3.5MM
.25 ctw
.125 carat each 3.2MM

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Carat size Buying Tips

Diamond carat is frequently misunderstood and also actually refers to a diamond"s weight, quite than the size. The carat weight deserve to actually differ by a diamonds size depending upon it"s cut quality. It"s crucial to keep in mind that a size guide is an average table measurement the represents the equivalent carat load of a quality reduced diamond.

When purchase diamond stud earrings consider the cut quality. Together a bad or good cut diamond may frequently have a depth cut, definition the weight of the diamond is actually at the bottom that the diamond, fairly than in ~ the surface optimal at the table. We recommend a diamond that the reduced grade Very good or Excellent. This will ensure your diamond studs are comparable to the diamond size guide.

Knowing a few quick buying tips can overview you to aid choose the ideal diamond earring options for you.

2.00 CTW Diamond Stud Earrings


By now you already know that these excellent reduced grade 2.00 ctw diamond earrings showcase 1.00 carat round each individual diamonds.