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I have a 2002 LeSabre v the 3800 collection II engine. 132K miles. Engine to be running an excellent except because that tachometer dropping come zero intermittently and setup a P0336 code (Crank Sensor). Changed Crank Sensor (new AC Delco part), still had same problem. Readjusted Ignition manage Module (new BWD part from advancement Auto), tach working generally now and no P0336 Code however now engine is stumbling as soon as under load and is difficult to re-start! execute I must do a Crank Sensor re-learn? must I put the original Crank Sensor ago in or might I have received a bad ICM the end of the box? Plugs and wires room new. Checked wiring between Crank Sensor and ICM, every OK. One new Ignition Coil (6 mos. Old), others are original. Any ideas or previous experience through an problem like this?

1)Clean your battery and also engine grounds very well. Usage a good electrical call spray cleaner, and also use di-electric grease in ~ all electronic sensor connectors. 2)I"m reasoning that you essential the ICM. It is feasible you may have actually a defective (new) crank sensor. I would put the original back in. I have actually never performed the crank sensor rre-learn. I really have actually doubt that would correct the stumbling issue.Use di-electric grease on tips of ICM terminals for spark plugs.Cheers
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Problem Solved!
OK, here is my update. I re-installed the initial Crank Sensor, no readjust same problem. Reverted the brand-new ICM to advancement Auto because that another new BWD unit. Still had same problem! very frustrated currently to to speak the least.Took a chance and bought a new Delphi ICM and (3) brand-new Delco Coils from an ebay seller. Installed new parts this previous weekend and also things room finally ago to normal! The car has to be running an excellent since climate so i think ns can insurance claim a success now! i was also having an issue with high an adverse fuel trim before, high teenagers & short twenties LTFT the I could not correct. Currently the LTFT number are listed below -10% which is wherein they need to be.Now the question is go I have actually a poor coil that was affecting the ICMs? i did a resistance check on them and also the readings were all close. Also, I would think the a bad coil would have resulted in a misfire code but that did not happen. So, I"m going to leave points be and not walking to take it a opportunity experimenting and possibly damaging this ICM. Possibly that"s why GM readjusted this design and also integrated the ICM and also the coil packs into one unit after ~ this first design.Thanks for the reply and advice!