You can see the phrase adorning houses that have differing sporting activities teams or politics views: “A residence divided.” despite it is mainly displayed to be humorous about the conflicting opinions in ~ the household, the origins of this expression are an extremely sound and biblical.

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The words of Jesus room what sparked the sentiment. The is stated in Matthew 12:25: “Every kingdom divided versus itself is lugged to desolation, and every city or home divided against itself will certainly not stand.” that is additionally expressed in mark 3:25: “And if a home is divided versus itself, that residence cannot stand.”

While it is said in playful humor for details situations nowadays, once Jesus stated these words, He was describing the division within the residence of the Lord the would ultimately lead come His sacrifice top top the cross.

But what go it median that “a house divided cannot stand”? In the eyes of Jesus, it is something we all can add to, intended or unknowingly, however we can additionally stop it before it is too late.


In the context of both verses in Matthew and Mark, the issues started as Jesus was developing His ministry and performing miracles while spreading God’s fact throughout the land. Matthew explains Jesus’s healing of a demon-possessed, blind, and also mute man, while mark depicts the overwhelming crowds clamoring because that Jesus to bring healing right into their lives, which was no shared amongst His fellow brethren.

In both situations, the Pharisees witnessed the miraculous transforms Jesus to be bringing come the people, and also believed that He was operation in the spirit of Beelzebub, an additional name to describe Satan. To them, this would define how Jesus to be able to actors out demons, due to the fact that they were His own kind (Matt. 12:24, Mk. 3:22).

In an answer to this accusations, Jesus reflected on this ide by questioning the inquiry of how “Satan could cast out Satan?” (Matt. 12:26; Mk. 3:23). He goes on to define in both passages that any type of kingdom divided against itself will be destroyed, and also any house divided versus itself cannot stand.

This concept is come convey that as soon as a home (or a kingdom) is fighting versus itself, it can not prosper or get over the battle. Any type of victories only lead to losses and nothing good can come native it.

Jesus goes on to say, going back to the Pharisees calling him Beelzebub/Satan, that “If Satan casts the end Satan, he is divided against himself. Exactly how then will certainly his kingdom stand?” (Matt. 12:26). Note 3:26 makes this suggest as well, stating that if Satan were to rise up come himself, he wouldn’t stand, but would have an finish instead.

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Just as Jesus makes it a point that Satan i will not ~ prosper if the was against himself, He renders an also bigger suggest in seeing the residence as the human body of Christ managing the very same self-inflicting wounds.