L> definitions math 150DefinitionsDr. Wilson1. A suggest is an ordered pair of realnumbers.2. The aircraft is the collection of all orderedpairs of genuine numbers.3. The midpoint between(x1, y1) and also (x2, y2) is4. The street between(x1, y1) and also (x2, y2) is5. The slope between (x1,y1) and also (x2, y2) is6. A line is the set of every points whosecoordinates are remedies to a linear equation in 2 unknowns.7. 2 lines space parallel if theirslopes are the same.8. Two lines room perpendicularif your slopes are an adverse reciprocals of each other.9. Provided a line and also a point, the allude wherethe line v the given point perpendicular to the provided lineintersects the given line is dubbed the foot that the point inthe line.10. A circle has a center and all ofthe clues on the circle space the exact same distance indigenous the center. Thisdistance is dubbed the radius that the circle.11. A chord that a circle is a linesegment who endpoints are on the circle.12. A diameter that a circle is a chord which goes with the center of the circle.13. A radius the a one is a line segment i m sorry goes native the center of a circle to a point on the circle. 14. A line the meets a circle in exactlyone allude is dubbed a tangent come the circle.15. If A, B, and C room points ~ above acircle, climate angle BAC is called an inscribed angle.16. If O is the center of a circle andB and also C are points ~ above the circle, then angle BOC is dubbed acentral angle.17. A parallel is a foursided figure where the opposite sides room parallel.18. A rectangle is a 4 sidedfigure wherein all four angles are appropriate angles.19. A rhombus is a four sided figurewhere all four sides have the exact same length.20. A tirangle is one isoscelestriangle if two of that is sides have the exact same length.21. A triangle is one equilateraltriangle if all three sides have the same length.22. A typical of a triangle is a linesegment from one verted come the midpoint of the contrary side.23. One altitude the a triangle is aline segment indigenous one vertex perpendicular come the the contrary side24. The point where the perpendicularbisectors that the three sides of a triangle fulfill is called thecircumcenter of the triangle.25. The circle which goes v allthree clues of a circle is dubbed the circumscribed circle orcircumcircle.26. The point where the 3 anglebisectors of a triangle satisfy is dubbed the incenter the thetriangle.27. The circle to which all 3 sides ofa triangle room tangent is called the inscribed circle orincircle.28. The point where the 3 medians that atriangle meet is referred to as its centroid or center ofgravity.29.The suggest where the 3 altitudesof a triangle satisfy is dubbed the orthocenter that the triangle.30. The Euler heat of a trianglegoes v the circumcenter, thecentroid, and also theorthocenter.31. The 9 point circle is focused at themidpoint the the Euler line and also goes throughthe midpoints the the three sides, the feet that thealtitudes, and also the midpoints the the heat segments between theorthocenter and the vertices the thetriangle.32. A continual polygon is onewhere all the sides have actually the same length and all of the angles arethe very same size.33.

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The allude where all of theangle bisectors accomplish in a consistent polygon is referred to as the centerof the polygon.34. A line segment indigenous the facility of aregular polygon perpendicular to a next is called an apothem.