________ to be NOT critical composer the nineteenth-century Lieder.

a. Heinrich Heineb. Robert Schumannc. Fanny Mendelssohnd. Franz Schubert

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i m sorry of the following was not a typical theme of Romantic poetry?

A. The beauty beauty of natureB. Love and longingC. Praise of the Virgin MaryD. The fleeting nature of human happiness

A group of Lieder linked by a narrative subject or through a descriptive or expressive theme is referred to as a(n):
A song type in i beg your pardon the key melody is repeated for two or three stanzas yet introduces brand-new or substantially varied material when the text calls for it is called:
Schubert live a tragically brief life but was a remarkable prolific composer of:

A. LiederB. Room musicC piano musicD. Every one of the above

In which genre to be Schubert not indebted to classical traditions?

A. LiedB. Chamber musicC. Piano sonataD. Symphony

Schubert wrote numerous song cycles, including:

A. Winter’s JourneyB. Futile SerenadeC. ButterfliesD. A Poet’s Love

Schubert’s tune Elfking is a setup of a ballad created by:

A. MüllerB. SchillerC. HeineD. Goethe

which of the following is true of Schubert’s Elfking?

A. It is the masterpiece of his youth.B. The is based upon a legend the whoever is touched by the king that the elves have to die.C. It presents four personalities who are distinguished in the music.D. All of the above

Robert Schumann’s wife, Clara, was:

A. The daughter that his piano teacherB. One of the foremost pianists of she dayC. The catalyst for A Poet’s LoveD. Every one of the above

i m sorry of the adhering to does NOT define Schumann’s A Poet’s Love?

A. It tells a thorough story the a lost loveB. That conveys a the atmosphere of despairC. It creates a union that piano and also voiceD. The fuses lyric and dramatic elements

i beg your pardon of the adhering to does NOT describe Schumann’s In the beloved month of May?

A. The ends with harmonic resolution.B. It has an expressive piano accompaniment.C. The is harmonically meandering.D. That conveys a sense of longing and also desire

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Ch. 36. (2017, Dec 19). Retrieved indigenous http://jajalger2018.org/paper-on-ch-36/

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