Tropical WaveAn inverted trough (an elongated area of fairly low pressure) or cyclonic curvature best moving eastern to west throughout the tropics. These deserve to lead to the formation of a tropic cyclone. Also known together an easterly wave.

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Tropical DisturbanceA dry device with arranged convection (generally 100-300 mile in diameter) originating in the tropics or subtropics, having actually a non-frontal migratory character and also maintaining its identification for 24 hrs or longer. It may or may not be associated with a detectable perturbation the the wind field.


Tropical CycloneA dry cyclone is a short pressure device (not linked with a front) that creates over tropical and sometimes sub-tropical waters and also has arranged deep convection v a close up door wind circulation around a well-defined center.

Extratropical Cyclone A cyclone (of any type of intensity) because that which the major energy resource is baroclinic (i.e., outcomes from the temperature contrast between warm & cold waiting masses).

Post-Tropical CycloneA cyclone the no longer possesses sufficient tropical qualities to be taken into consideration a dry cyclone. Post-tropical cyclones can continue to lug heavy rains and also high winds. Note: previous tropical cyclones that come to be extratropical and also remnant lows are 2 particular classes that post-tropical cyclones.

Remnant LowA course of post-tropical cyclone that no longer possesses the convective organization forced of a tropical cyclone and has maximum continual winds of less than 34 knots.

Subtropical CycloneA non-frontal short pressure mechanism that has features of both tropical and extratropical cyclones. Subtropical cyclones originate over tropical or subtropical waters and have a close up door circulation around a well-defined center. In comparison come tropical cyclones, the preferably winds occur fairly far native the facility (greater than 60 nautical miles) and have a less symmetric wind field and also distribution that convection.

Tropical Depression A tropical depression is a dry cyclone that has maximum sustained surface ar winds (one-minute average) the 38 mph (33 knots) or less.

Tropical StormA tropical storm is a tropical cyclone that has maximum sustained surface winds varying from 39-73 mph (34 come 63 knots).

HurricaneA hurricane is a tropic cyclone that has actually maximum sustained surface winds of 74 mph or greater (64 knots or greater).

NOTE: The number of Tropical Storms and also Hurricanes rises substantially in August, peaks in mid-September and decreases in the direction of a minimum by early on November.

Tropical Storm WatchA tropic Storm clock is issued once Tropical Storm conditions, consisting of winds that 39-73 mph, posture a feasible threat to a specified seaside area in ~ 48 hours.

Tropical Storm WarningA dry Storm Warning is issued once Tropical Storm conditions, consisting of winds that 39-73 mph, space EXPECTED in a specified seaside area in ~ 36 hours or less.

Hurricane WatchA Hurricane watch is issued once sustained winds that 74 mph or greater are feasible within the mentioned area that the Watch. Due to the fact that hurricane preparedness activities become complicated once winds with tropical storm force, the watch is authorize 48 hrs in breakthrough of the onset of dry storm force winds.

Hurricane WarningA Hurricane Warning is issued when sustained winds that 74 mph or higher are EXPECTEDsomewhere within the stated area the the Warning. Since hurricane preparedness activities become an overwhelming once winds with tropical storm force, the Warning is approve 36 hours in development of the start of dry storm force winds.

NOTE: A Hurricane Warning have the right to remain in result when dangerously high water or a mix of dangerously high water and exceptionally high tide continues...even if the winds have actually subsided below hurricane intensity.

Eye WallAn organized band that cumulonimbus clouds automatically surrounding the center of the tropic cyclone.

Storm SurgeAn abnormal climb in sea level accompanying a tropical cyclone. This is the distinction in height between observed level the the sea surface and also the level that would have arisen in the absence of the storm. Storm surging is usually approximated by subtracting the common or huge tide indigenous the it was observed storm tide.

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Storm TideThe water level climb resulting indigenous the expensive tide an unified with the storm surge.