and i don"t understand what this means. Is the a frequency? (since $\lambda$ is usually offered for frequency)



It is one ångström, a unit of length commonly used in chemistry to measure up things like atomic radii and bond lengths. Although not an official SI unit, it has a an easy relationship come the metric systems of length:

$$1\:\mathrmångström = 1\:\mathrmÅ = 10^−10\:\mathrmm = 0.1\:\mathrmnm = 100\:\mathrmpm.$$



The angstrom to be intended to be a tenth-metre, but because the an interpretation being offered was much more exact 보다 the metre at the time, and based on a mis-estimation that the Stockholm prototype, a different name is used. In a similar vein, the X-Unit is characterized as a thirteenth-metre, but likewise is the end by part factor, so is not so called.

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It was an initial used to measure up spectral present of the clearly shows spectrum, but the size is convenient size for atoms and molecules. A hydrogen atom has a diameter that 1.058 A.


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