Alektorophobia or the are afraid of chicken is obtained from the Greek indigenous ‘Alektor’ which way ‘rooster’ and also ‘phobos’ an interpretation ‘fear’. Together the surname indicates, this phobia causes an irrational are afraid of chicken (or other feathered creatures as well as their eggs) in the sufferer. That is not only seeing the chickens in human being that causes a panic assault in the individual; sometimes, simply the photos or photographs of chickens are enough to create such reactions.

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Causes that Alektorophobia


Alektorophobia is no a typical phobia, yet those that are affected by it have tendency to have had a traumatic experience involving feathered fowls. Naturally, many phobic individuals are never ever born through the fear; they just learn it owing to details experiences at social occasions or during one’s institution days.

In Alektorophobia, the fear is largely targeted in the direction of the live bird (usually no their meat) as one trust the birds might strike them. This form of phobia is hence uncovered to be an ext common in people living on farms.

Often, world suffering from the are afraid of chickens do not even remember exactly how it began in the an initial place. They just remember enduring the symptom of fear. Evolution psychologists think that it is a component of the brain that establish the flight or fight an answer on see the feathered beings. In majority of these cases, the are afraid just proceeds to flourish with age.

As with every kind of phobia, the “why” is not as crucial as the “how”- what this method is that, instead of determining wherein or why the are afraid has arisen from, the is necessary to know “how” the mind create the fear (does it create images, what space the thoughts one gets and also so on). This is an ext important for considering the best line that treatment.

Symptoms that the fear of chickens

There are physical and also psychological symptoms of Alektorophobia.

A person can display signs of anxiety prior to visiting a farm. Because that others, even the mental photo of a feathered bird is enough to cause a scare attack.Most suffering from Alektorophobia will certainly go to lengths to protect against encountering chickens.Irritability or restlessness upon see chickens is among the symptom of this are afraid of chickens.Dry mouth, sweating and trembling, cardiovascular symptoms prefer tightness in the chest or difficulty to breath are few other physical symptom of Alektorophobia.Nausea and other gastrointestinal distress and also the i can not qualify to form words and also articulate thoughts space some various other symptoms of Alektorophobia.

Treatment of Alektorophobia

There are assorted methods and also therapies because that overcoming the fear of chickens phobia.

Medications prefer benzodiazepines may be prescribed but they have to be thought about as the last heat of treatment owing come their significant withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, this drugs do not healing the fear yet only treat the stress and anxiety symptoms linked with it.Hynotherapy or hypnoanalysis is valuable in helping the individual recognize the exact cause of the fear and also develop new patterns or ideas along with positive suggestions for overcoming it. The American clinical Association has approved this line of treatment because 1958 because that overcoming plenty of phobias.Neuro linguistic programming is another an approach used for curing Alektorophobia. This science is based upon the principle the an individual creates words regarded his/her phobia and also continues come use and also think castle over and also over leading to the fear in the first place. Therapists practicing this technique study the patient’s facial expressions and eventually help in remodeling one’s thoughts when faced with the thing of the fears.Cognitive behavior and behavior therapies the involve exposure and also gradual desensitization have the right to be useful to find out to tolerate the anxiety knowledgeable in together cases. However, the border of these therapies is that they take a longer time for finish cure.Energy therapies choose meditation, Tai Chi, Qi Gong techniques and positive visualization, deep breathing etc are self help techniques that are recognized to aid cure many varieties of phobias. Power psychology intends at altering the Chi or life force power so the one’s fear of chicken is eliminated fully as if the was never there in the an initial place.

As deserve to be seen, there room various techniques for overcoming one’s fear of chickens. But it is vital to pick the appropriate cure that offers permanent results rather than temporary masking the symptom of Alektorophobia.

I have HATED chickens due to the fact that the time ns was three. All since of one st*pid chicken named snowflake who attacked me.

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I am awfully terrified the chickens, birds, roosters , chicks any type of creature with a beak and also their creepy feet. Ns don’t understand why I have this really bad are afraid of them. I’ve tried so difficult to mental if anything ever before happened come me yet it’s favor my brain blocked the end this worry I don’t understand I also have nightmares. And every thing that was declared in the article has explained myself. Ns am desperate because that help. I have been with this bad fear for 35 years.