Steinbeck supplies much animal imagery in his writing, particularly in his summary of Lennie. Also from the an extremely beginning wherein he describes Lennie “walk heavily, dragging his feet a little, the method a be affected by each other drags his paws,” p4 we check out this comparison. Each of the animals mentioned in the novel are used as a an allegory to Lennie’s personality and behaviour. Dragging his “paws” choose a “bear” depicts photo of a slow, overly large man, harmlessly prodding along. Steinbeck cleverly chooses this links.

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As stated earlier, Lennie’s partnership with the mice likewise play a major part in the story. His obsession with petting them provides him with security and comfort. Simply the feeling of the mouse’s smooth fur, running along his fingers, pipeline him v a feeling of contentment. This symbolises his soft, caring attitude and his warm heart. Rabbit are likewise another animal mentioned in the novel. George tells Lennie “… if you execute , ns won’t let you often tend to the rabbits. ” p17 This become’s Lennie’s an inspiration to ‘behave’ and watch what the does.

Sometimes, quite frequently than not, Lennie find himself, unintentionally in strife. Yet when he has something to expect for, (in this situation rabbits, which the imagines himself stroking and looking after) that tries more tough to be ‘good’. The forth instance of Steinbeck’s usage of pet imagery in the text is his to compare of Lennie’s commitment to that of a dog. Though no directly, this is the image conjured indigenous his description of Lennie drink from a swimming pool of water, an extremely early on. “His vast companion dropped his blankets and also flung himself down and also drank native the surface ar of the eco-friendly pool. P4 It seems here, the Lennie is, as the expression goes ‘a man’s ideal friend’.

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He proves, just as much as George does to him, his finish loyalty and unconditional friendship. In means it is simpler to to compare Lennie’s traits to that of a dog. Like a dog, that doesn’t understand details concepts, doesn’t think about the consequences to his actions, however he’s lovable, innocent and constantly there by George’s side. He counts on guidance from his ‘owner’ and finds delight in the simplest of things. Animal imagery plays a major part in this novel.



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