We will not talk about the popular animals that start with letter p such together pig, panda, penguin, pigeon, puma, pelican, pug, panther, and many others on this article.

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Animals that begin with P

You will certainly have new idea and also knowledge about these 10 fabulous animals below which might never friend hear that before.

These pets below are merely outstanding and also amazing through their specialty and also unique.

1. Pangolin

source: elelur.com

Pangolin likewise called as “scaly anteater” which has actually long-tailed. They space living in heat regions such together Africa and Asia.

Usually lock are continuing to be in savannahs also timberlands i beg your pardon is close to to the water. Physically, this night animal is big, plate-like ranges, solidified, lengthened tongue, and an effective claws.

They can prosper up 20 come 100 centimeters. The human body is so exotic through its brown color. This animal can eat termites, insects, and ants.

2. Pademelon

source: craterlakes.com.au

This small marsupial’s habitat is in the thick forests the Queensland, new South Wales, and also Tasmania i m sorry is the component of new Guinea.

Most that them, physically the 7 ranges of this animal has red-brown on the underparts and also dark-brown top top the upperparts.

They have brief legs and also tail through its huge belly. The masculine Pademelon can prosper up 1 – 1.2 m lengthy with the weight about 12 kg.

This size is consisting of the tail. While, the woman Pademelon typically a little smaller 보다 the male.


Pademelon eats organic herbs, environment-friendly turfs, and also environment-friendly shoots.

3. Peccary

source: myfossil.org

Peccary is also called as Javelina i m sorry is a medium-sized the mammal and also resembling the wild pig.

They deserve to be discovered in southwestern of joined States and South also main of the USA.

This animal looks comparable to the wild pigs and has huge heads, one nose, sports dark crude hair, spear-like canine teeth, and small ears additionally tails.

Peccary can prosper up 90 come 130 centimeters v the weight approximately 20 come 40 kg. They are omnivores and also can eat fruits, grass, also seed.

4. Pied Tamarin

source: flickr.com

This Pied tamarin is called additionally as Saguinus bicolor. They are tiny and also have big population in tropical woodlands of Manaus i beg your pardon is the component of Brazil.

They have vibrant on your body with black hairless face, brown or tan hind legs, brown black tail, and white upper body.

The length for adult Pied Tamarin have the right to reach around 20.8 – 28.3 centimeters in their body and around 33.5 to 42.0 centimeters that their an extensive tail.

The load is around 400 as much as 430 grams. This animal is omnivorous and can eat insects, birds’ eggs, spiders, tiny vertebrates, blossoms, nectar, and also fruits.

5. Pika

source: Thethirdpole.net

This animal is the member of Ochotonidae. They have actually rounded ears, quick tail, and also brief the arm and also legs.

This animal is so tiny and have the right to be uncovered in chilly climates together as central Asia and also North America.

The adult Pika can grow up 15 come 25 centimeters v the weight around 170 as much as 400 grams.

Pika can be easily recognized through its huge ears, grey-brown upperparts, sports soft fur, and white top top the belly.

They are famous as herbivore and can eat lawns, twigs, leaves, bark, and also herbs.

6. Puffin

source: Pinterest.com

The pet Puffin looks like the penguin seabirds. They are living in the ocean blue particularly in the steep high cliffs and also in the islands of phibìc Pacific Sea and North Atlantic Ocean.

There room three species of this Puffin, they are Atlantic Puffin, Tufted Puffin, and also Horned Puffin. Physically, lock have quick wings, big beaks, short tails, and vast webbed feet.

You have the right to see the beautiful orange shade on that legs and mouth. The plumage comes in color white and also showing black color on its neck and back.

They can thrive up come 345 – 488 grams with the length about 30 centimeters. The male Puffin usually larger than the female.

This pet is fantastic scuba divers and they deserve to eat sand eels, maritime invertebrates, and fish larvae.

7. Pudu

source: temaiken.org.ar

Pudu is belonging come the one of the two varieties of tiny deer. They deserve to be uncovered in south America.

This animal becomes the smallest dear v the length about 32 to 44 centimeters indigenous shoulder high and 85 centimeters around the length of the body.

The load is about 12 kg. You can recognize this pet with its tiny hooves, rounded ears, small shiners, black color noses, dewclaws, and also brief tails.

Pudu is for this reason beautiful with its prolonged and crude fur differs in shade. The shade of its fur is indigenous a dark brownish to red brownish shade.

They are herbivore and eat rise plants, leaves, young sprouts, blossoms, organic herbs, to reduce fruits, and also buds.

8. Ptarmigan

source: wikimedia.org

This exotic Ptamirgan bird girlfriend can uncovered it in tundra locations. It is a small bird which is looking like chicken. They space living in the Arctic.

Physically, they have actually stocky body, feather feet, rounded white wings, and brief tails.

This bird is distinct as lock can readjust their plumage shade three times in a year.

In summer season, friend will check out this bird become brown with dark stripes plumage.

In autumn, it becomes grayish color, and also during winter months it i do not care white color.

They room herbivore and also they eat berries, little bugs, and also fallen leaves.

9. Proboscis Monkey

source: http://elelur.com

This distinct monkey has specialty on that long-nosed. The is why the is called long-nosed monkey also. They have actually reddish-brown color in the shade on the body and grayish limbs.

You can found this pet in the island the Borneo, Malaysia. They space living in mangrove forests, swamps, and also shores.

The male of this arboreal ape has actually fleshy sleep which have the right to reach the length up come 7 inches. Besides, this animal also has blackish hair and blue face.

The masculine Proboscis Monkey can thrive up come 72 centimeters lengthy with the weight around around 24 kg. Largely they eat please leaves, fruits, seeds, and mangrove shoots.

10. Polecat

source: independent.co.uk

This pet is component of weasel household members and also become a solitary pet. It can be found in Europe, Asia, and some an ar of Africa. They room living in farmlands, woodlands, and also shores.

Physically, they have actually long and also slender body v its rounded ears, quick tail, perceptible hairs, and brief muzzles.

The black color fur and also yellow spots on its face and also ears end up being a great combination of creature.

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They can thrive up come 55 centimeters v the size of tail around 10 centimeters. Many of them space carnivores and also they eat tiny birds, fish, eggs, reptiles, and some of tiny creatures.