To know more of the animal that began with the letter T. Take a look into this list of 10 animals that simple to mental which begin with the letter T below!

Animals that begin with the Letter T

1. Tammar Wallaby


The scientific name for this tammar wallaby is Macropus eugenii, this tiny animal resides in the south and also western Australia. You might hear this tammar wallaby with others names favor Damma and also Pamma.

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They room a nocturnal animal and also a herbivore. The dimension of this pet is about 60 centimetres tall and also their tail is about 12 inch, their weights are around 20 pounds.

To differentiate in between the male and female is the the masculine wallaby is bigger than the mrs ones. The fun fact of this tammar wallaby is the they live around 9 years!

2. Tarsier


This Tarsiidae (the scientific name) is a small primate animal that resides their totality life in the tree in the forest of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Tarsier can live 8 come 12 years.

There is 18 sort of this pet some that the types of tarsier space Philippine tarsier, Bornean tarsier, Dian’s tarsier, spectral tarsier, and also pygmy tarsier.

The characteristics of this pet is brown-grey fur, huge eyes, lengthy fingers, lengthy tails and also long legs. The dimension of tarsier is approximately 10 centimetres and also have 115 until 130 grams weight. Their food is small vertebrates.

The fun fact of this pet is the they are a nocturnal!

3. Turaco


Turaco’s scientific name is Musophagidae. This bird is originally from south Africa. They normally live in the forest, savannahs, and timberland. Turacos have actually the bright color of their feathers, lively tails, and sharp feather eye.


This brilliant bird supplies their wings and also feet to rise up the trees. Mainly, this turaco bird eats fruit, flowers, leaves, and also tiny insects. Did you understand that this pet loves to be in loud flocks?

4. Topi


Topi, and also Damaliscus Lunatus, is initially from Sudan and Tanzania. They deserve to live about until 15 years. Girlfriend may find them in the area the savannas and also woodlands.

They have beautiful hair of red-ish brown and also purple with black dots pattern. The dimension of this pet are the exact same both female and also male, they have long head with lyre-shaped horns, and also yellow-ish legs. T

he dimension of topi is about three until four and a half of feet tall. Your weight is about 200 come 300 pounds.

5. Tuatara


The clinical name of tuatara is Rhynchocephalia resides around brand-new Zealand. Unfortunately, the population of tuatara is decreasing.

The characteristic of this animal is that they have actually a green and also brown body v two rows of teeth in their upper jaw and a single row in the upper jaw.

The size of this pet is about 80 centimetres and also the weight of this pet is roughly 1.3 kilograms. They normally prey the tiny animal like beetles, frogs, bugs, and tiny reptiles.

Did you know that Tuatara alive until 100 years? However, they just mate every 4 or 5 years.

6. Tamarin


Tamarin or saguinus is the small primate animal live in main and southern America. Your habitats room in the lowland forest and swamp.

The kind of tamarin is moustache Tamarin, Cotton peak Tamarin, Emperor Tamarin, and also Golder Lion Tamarin. They have the right to live to 15 years old till 18 years old. The colour of their hair is largely black, white and also brown.

They can flourish until 70 centimetres and their weight is around 220 till 900 grams. This pet is an omnivore, they commonly eat small reptiles like spiders and also frogs however they likewise eat fruit or nectar.

7. Takin


The scientific name come this pet is Burdocas Taxicolor. Castle are initially from the eastern Mountains. Takin has 4 sub-species, there room Mishmi Takin, Shanxi or recognized as gold takin, Sichuan takin and Bhutan takin.

The properties of this pet is that they have the huge body with thick gold structure and tiny horn about 30 centimetres. The fun reality their horn have the right to turn upwards.

They shoulder is about 100 centimetres and their weight is around 350 kilograms. This herbivore pet usually eats bamboo leaves, turfs and also pines.

8. Tui


This endemic passerine bird is originally from new Zealand. Lock live in woodland, offshore, and also backwoods. This bird is the only varieties in the Prosthemadera genus.

The properties of this beautiful bird has white a pair the white plumes. Your gorgeous feather consist of three colours which space metallic green and also blue, it likewise has the brown interval in their back.

They typically eat blossom, fruits, and also insects. The funny fact about this bird is that they are type of favor a parrot, they have the right to imitate the human sounds!

9. Tayra


The clinical name the tayra known as Eira barbara, this mammal lives in main America, south America, and Yuka Peninsula. Tayra have the right to live till 18 years. Tayra has actually long necks, brown body, lengthy tail and rounded form ears.

The long nails the they have actually been offered for climbing. The size of this pet is around 60 centimetres and their weight is about 5 until 7 kilograms.

Tayra is one omnivore animal, they eat small animals choose mice, squirrels, insects, or perhaps fruits.

10. Toque Macaque


Toque Macaque or Macaca Sinica is the type of monkey indigenous Sri Lanka, this monkey is renowned as riliwa or rilawa. This monkey regularly lives in a team of around 20 monkeys.

There room two species of toque macaque which space the Dryzone toque and also wetzone togue macaque. The characteristics of this monkey is the they have actually the brown and yellow-ish body, they have black ears.

The dimension of this monkey is around 45 centimetres long and also they are about 4 kilograms, to distinguish the males room usually bigger 보다 the females.

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Toque macaque is the omnivore pet they eat fruits, nuts, bulbs, little reptiles, and also birds.