Drafted in 1971 by the brand-new Orleans Saints, the "other" Manning never had actually a win season in the NFL.

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Drafted in 1971 by the new Orleans Saints, the "other" Manning never had actually a winning season in the NFL.

In the civilization of football, the surname Manning is legendary. Peyton and also Eli Manning space renowned because that their combined four Super bowl championships, individual accolades and big-game performances. However the 15-year NFL job of their father, Archie, to be filled with hardships, failures and also what-ifs v the new Orleans Saints, Houston Oilers and also Minnesota Vikings.

It wasn’t claimed to be that means for the Drew, Mississippi-native, selected v the 2nd overall pick in the 1971 NFL draft by the Saints.

Archie Manning had a stellar career at the university of Mississippi, where he to be first-team All-American and fourth in the Heisman Trophy gyeongju in 1969. In a video game that season versus Alabama—the an initial broadcast on television in prime time—Manning threw for 436 yards and also three touchdowns and also rushed for 104 yards. Mississippi lost, 33-32, however the high-profile performance placed Manning on the map. Well-known for his toughness, he play the 1971 Gator Bowl through a damaged left arm.

Archie Manning Earns victory in first NFL Start


New orleans Saints QB Archie Manning, scrambling versus the Cleveland Browns in 1975, additionally played for the Houston Oilers and also Minnesota Vikings. 

Photo through Ron Kuntz Collection/Diamond images via Getty Images

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Archie Manning, facing pressure throughout a loss come Washington in 1975, never had a winning season v the brand-new Orleans Saints.

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After the Dallas game, a Saints former office employee told an Alabama newspaper the to be great, Manning should stay healthy and in the pocket. Through that suggest in the season, he had been sacked 26 times and hit many other times. In his injury-riddled rookie season, he was sacked a league-high 40 times and finished with only three wins as starter.

Constant punishment were the main themes that Manning’s career, and while teammates and also opponents lauded his toughness, the pounding take it its toll. Manning was sacked 43 time in his second season, again a league-high mark, and he topped the league in the dubious group in 1975, through 49.

Manning was sacked 340 times during his Saints career—Brett Favre hold the NFL document with 525—and to let go the whole 1976 season after having surgery ~ above his ideal shoulder. Injuries weren’t the only significant negative in Manning’s career. That was not successful as a starter—New olions never had a winning record in any kind of of his 11 periods with the team. The Saints’ finest finish v Manning to be an 8-8 document in 1979.

Manning, that finished his NFL career in 1984 with the Vikings, had actually 35 wins, 101 losses and also three ties as a starter. His .263 winning portion remains the worst in league background for quarterbacks with at least 100 starts.

Surrounded by remarkable talent contrasted to their father, Peyton—a 2021 agree Football room of Fame course member—finished his 17-year career with a 186-79 document with the Colts and Denver Broncos; Eli, who played every 16 seasons in the NFL v the Giants, finished v a 117-117 record. Peyton (two) and also Eli (seven), who additionally starred at Mississippi, had actually nine shedding seasons in a combined 33 periods in the league.

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Unlike his sons, who played in a merged 39 playoff games, Archie Manning never played in the postseason. The was one of the couple of players to last a te or much more in the NFL without making a playoff appearance.

“I guess ns could more than in drew raising pigs,” Manning, showing on his career, told a Mississippi newspaper in 1984. “Really, a many of good things have actually happened. It’s been a an excellent trip, and also I’ve appreciated it.”