Not a substitute for professional veterinary help.I’m no gonna lie: sometimes, ns feed mine dogs people food. A cheesy cracker here, a item of popcorn there. Details days, I even let castle lick the yogurt cup or peanut butter seasoned clean. Because that the many part, if your dog doesn’t suffer from allergies, this occasional bites space harmless. It turns out, however, thatcertain human snacksare dangerous because that dogs.

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We all know not to on slide our dog a chicken soup (seriously, never ever slip your dog a chicken wing), but you may be surprised to learn which other well-known people-snacks can pose a health and wellness hazard to her beloved pet. Check out on for details, plus acquire safe alternatives below.


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Avocados might bea delicious wonder food for humans,but unfortunately, theycan it is in problematicfor dogs. That’s mostly because of the potential visibility ofpersin, i m sorry can reason stomach uncomfortable in dogs. Persin occurs in the peel and leaves the the plant. When persin isn’t toxicity to dogs (as that is to horses and also birds), it’s still ideal to be cautious when feeding avocado to her dog.

Guacamole also contains garlic and also onions, which can reason anemia and gastrointestinal distress. If girlfriend must provide your dog a treat from the fiesta table, stick to one or two level tortilla chips (but notmore 보다 that—too much salt is another no-no).

Alternative: AvoDerm is a well-rated commercial pet food heat that consists of healthy avocado because that dogs and also cats (with no persin!)

Mixed nuts


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Almonds are too rough to be digested properly and can damage your dog’s esophagus and stomach; pecans left out too long maymold and developa danger toxin, and also macadamia nuts are downright poisonous. Blended nuts are reasonably healthy for united state humans however keep them far from your dog.


Raisins room a sweet addition to your bowl the cereal, but they’re toxicity to your finest friend. Grapes and grape assets are amongst the most dangerousfoods fordogs, and also consumption have the right to lead come kidney failure and even death.

Keep raisins, grapes,grape juice, and also anything comprise them much away from her pet.

Ice cream

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It’s tempting to offer your dog a lick of your cone ~ above a hot day, and chances are, a littlewon’t hurt. Yet ice cream in big quantities is ano-no for dogs. The dairy contents can cause gastrointestinal problem (i.e., diarrhea), and the sugar content is way too high because that them. Also, commercially-produced ice cream cream can contain nut traces, chocolate, and other substances that are dangerous for your dog.

Thankfully, there room plenty that dog-friendly frozen treats available!

Beer and other alcohol

This one need to be a no-brainer, however some people think it’s funny to sell their dog a sip of beer. Alcohol in any kind of quantity can be dangerous for animals; it has the same impact on their mind and liver as it does on humans, but it bring away a lot less to carry out a lot an ext damage in dogs. Also a small amount of alcohol can reason vomiting, diarrhea, coordination issues, difficulty breathing, and worse. For much more information, view our article, have the right to Dogs Drink Beer?

Alternative: Beerpaws or an excellent Boy Dog Beer room safe, non-alcoholic “beer” because that dogs—in case, friend know, you necessary some? In every seriousness, these commodities are dog-safe, liquid nutritional supplements, and also can be mixed with dried food or offered as a law (try offer them cold or frozen for a summer treat).

Snack mix

Cereal snack mix is just one of my favorite treats, and also I know exactly how tempting that is to throw a handful to the dog. Yet commercial snack treats often contain onion and also garlic powder, both of i m sorry can cause tummy troubles.

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Snack mix is additionally high in sodium, and also too lot salt can cause excessive thirst and also urination.