Phoebe and also Claire (Cleo and also Emma for those who don’t know) room still friends and also recently post a snapshot together. Follow to Phoebe, Claire’s youngsters call she “Aunt Phoebe.” ns don’t recognize if either of them still store in touch v Cariba (Rikki) or any kind of other actors member though

Phoebe and Claire space still an extremely close - I watch them hanging out on Instagram every the time. I view phoebe and also claire choose some of Caribas short articles every now and then and vise versa so the seems favor they’re still in touch too. They nothing live in the same location anymore despite so they nothing hangout. Ns don’t know his name but I know Cariba hangs out v Zanes actor too and with Nates actor. Phoebe go on Nates show recently too and also was component of a skit. Nothing know around the others :-)


Indiana (Bella) and also Angus (Lewis) dated each various other from 2008 until 2012. Ns don't understand if they room still friend tho. Indiana and Cariba (Rikki) have additionally done a couple of projects together after H2O however it's unsure if they're quiet friends considering Indiana has actually no society media and also quit exhilaration years ago.

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Phoebe (Cleo) and Claire (Emma) tho hang the end a lot though. They've done a lot of projects together because H2O and also seem come still be an extremely close. I'm sure they still speak to Cariba too due to the fact that they comment on each other's short articles at time but due to the fact that they don't live close to each other they don't hang out.

Cariba dated Jaime (Nate) around the time Indiana and Angus started dating yet they broke up years earlier and they're no married choose a bunch of posts say. Jaime posts around his girlfriend on his society media rather a lot. Cariba has mentioned prior to that her, Jaime, citizen (Zane) and Angus cave out as a group sometimes and also seems to be closest come them out of the whole H2O cast. Burgess and also Jaime also seem to be ideal friends in actual life similar to on the show and also post together fairly often. This isn't H2O yet Lyla's actress (Mako Mermaids) has additionally said the she and Cariba to be friends and also helped her v swimming techniques for the show.

Luke (Will) doesn't seem to hang out with any of the cast anymore. He follows Cariba, Jaime and also Burgess on instagram despite so I'm sure he quiet talks with those 3 at least. He's certainly been pretty successful with acting too (funnily enough, best after H2O he went on the display Home and also Away, which is the present Indiana was on right before H2O however left to be on H2O haha).

Cleo (Kim) complies with pretty lot the entire actors on instagram and I watch her talk about a many their write-ups (especially Cariba's). She operation a youtube channel where she talked about the H2O cast and said that while she isn't as great of friends v them together she was earlier in the work she is still really friendly with them all. To anyone that watched Lightning Point earlier in the day, she appears to be really good friends through Kiki's actress nowadays.

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Brittany (Charlotte) doesn't it seems to be ~ to store in touch with any kind of of the cast anymore. She left acting and is now a dancing coach. She doesn't follow any type of of the H2O actors on society media besides Kim's actress. Might've been some off-screen problem there as well or they just simply didn't store in touch through each other.