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Students will find out to pat the French melody Au Clair de la Lune. This class introduces note F# (F sharp), E and D. Please note: your son is not expected to be able to play this piece of music fluently by the finish of the lesson; this will require further practice.

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Important: before beginning this lesson, make sure your child’s recorder is clean.

Step 1Warm up the recorder. Her child have the right to put the mouthpiece of the recorder under their eight for a couple of minutes.

Step 2Download the PowerPoint titled Notes B A and G.pptx call your boy to exercise these musical note on the recorder. Make sure they room playing this notes with their left hand fingers. This is an extremely important.

Step 3Download the PowerPoint titled New notes F sharp, E and D.pptx tell your son to look very closely at where they require to place their finger on the recorder for each note. Exercise playing these brand-new musical notes. Make sure they are playing v their left hand at the optimal of the recorder and also their best hand at the bottom.

Step 4Watch the featured video clip and hear to the melody Au Clair de la Lune. The melody is play once easily (up come 0:33), climate again very slowly for exercise purposes. Beat the fast version of the melody a couple of times and ask your son to try humming along so they find out the melody (you can additionally join in through them). When your child is familiar with the melody, proceed to action 5. You re welcome note: when your son is ready to practice playing the recorder with this video, they must follow the Baroque fingering which is on the left hand side of the video screen.

Step 5Download the PDF Au Clair de la Lune.pdf and also ask your boy to practice the very first line, slowly. Slow exercise is very important when finding out a new piece (remember how slow the item was in the second part of the featured video).

Step 6Watch this video clip then questioning your child to shot playing along. This video clip contains practice exercises because that the first line the the melody, which provides notes G, A and also B. The does no cover the middle component of the melody (the second line ~ above the PDF) which supplies notes F# E and D. Note: the last line of the melody is the exact same as the first line (which is repeated). Once your child deserve to play these musical notes and exercises, go to action 7.

Step 7Practice the middle part of the melody (the second line top top the PDF Au Clair de la Lune.pdf). This must be excellent slowly, paying attention to where your child locations their fingers. Remember, the left hand need to be in ~ the top and also the right hand in ~ the bottom. Exercise this line a item at a time, not the entirety line in one go.

Step 8Practice every one of the center line on the PDF Au Clair de la Lune.pdf

Step 9Practice the totality piece, maintaining a steady tempo (in other words, don’t speed up and also slow down). The is much better to play slowly and also steadily, rather than playing quickly and also then needing to sluggish down. Questioning your son to play together with the second component of the featured video (which starts at 0:40). Repeat them that they must follow the Baroque fingering i m sorry is top top the left hand next of the video screen.

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Step 10Once your child can play together with the second half of the featured video, lock can shot playing the item a small quicker, but constantly trying to keep a steady tempo.

You can follow the lyrics in French or the English translate in on the PDF Au Clair de la Lune lyrics.pdf