First up is F tier. These room the worst vehicles in the entire game, and also there are two vehicles in this tier, making the the the smallest tier.Number 36: little bit Bike (Small exterior Drift Bike)

Because the Booster chair is a kart, it"s slightly faster with a speed stat the 27/80, and also it"s considerably heavier with a load stat of 27/80 (the same weight together the Jet Bubble, the heaviest small bike in the video game that is a little inside drift bike), but it"s quiet the slowest kart in the game, as well as the second lightest kart in the game behind the Cheep Charger.E Tier (Mediocre) Vehicles

The Cheep Charger has solid stats. That takes nice turns and has really high acceleration, yet it sucks with the 2 most necessary stats: speed and also weight. It"s a slow-moving kart through a rate stat that 34/80 (the same speed as Daytripper, i beg your pardon is a medium kart), and it"s also the lightest kart in the game with a load stat of 24/80 (the same weight together the bullet Bike and also Magikruiser, both of i m sorry are small inside drift bikes).Number 33: Zip Zip (Medium outside Drift Bike)

The an initial medium auto on this list, the Zip Zip has a low drift stat of 29/80 (the same drift stat as the Spear and Tiny Titan, which room a big inside drift bike and a small kart respectively).Number 32: Sugarscoot (Medium exterior Drift Bike)
The Sugarscoot is bad in the three most necessary stats: speed, weight, and drift. That is the slowest and lightest medium auto in the game with a speed stat that 32/80 (tied v the Quacker) and a weight stat of 32/80 (tied v the Mini Beast). The tiny Titan, a tiny kart, is in reality heavier 보다 this bike.Number 31: Daytripper (Medium Kart)
The Daytripper doesn"t have actually a negative weight stat, yet it is the slowest medium kart in the video game with a rate stat that 34/80 (tied with the Cheep Charger). It additionally has a drift stat of 32/80.D Tier (Average) Vehicles
Third is D tier. This tier is composed of average vehicles. There room nine vehicles in this tier, making the the largest tier.Number 30: standard Dragster (Medium Kart)
The standard Dragster excels with its acceleration, handling, and also drift, but it"s pretty slow with a speed stat that 37/80 (tied with the Wario Bike).Number 29: Sprinter (Medium Kart)
The Sprinter is the fastest medium automobile in the video game with a rate stat that 64/80, and it"s likewise the 2nd heaviest medium auto in the game behind the Wild Wing v a load stat of 48/80 (tied v the shoot Star). However, it accelerates slowly, and it has the worst handling, off-road, and also mini-turbo amongst all tool vehicles in the game.Number 28: Wario bike (Large outside Drift Bike)

The Wario cycle is the very first large vehicle on the list, and also it"s the slowest big vehicle in the video game with a rate stat the 37/80, and it has a destructive drift stat of 21/80 (tied with the at sight Blooper).Number 27: Phantom (Large exterior Drift Bike)
Just over the Wario cycle is the Phantom. This car isn"t bad, however it has actually the worst drift in the game with a drift stat of17/80. However, it"s quicker than the Wario Bike with a speed stat that 43/80, and it has actually the ideal off-road among all big vehicles through an off-road stat that 56/80.Number 26: Offroader (Large Kart)
This is slightly heavier than the Wario Bike, and also it"s slightly faster, but it has a damaging drift stat, it"s the slowest large kart in the game, and it only has average off-road.Number 25: Jetsetter (Large Kart)
This vehicle is a better version of the Sprinter, as it is the fastest car in the game with a rate stat that 69/80, and it has actually a load stat that 56/80 (tied through the Spear). However, it has actually the worst handling, off-road, and also mini-turbo in the game, making it a mediocre vehicle.Number 24: standard Bike S (Small exterior Drift Bike)
As a conventional Bike, it doesn"t execute anything particularly great or bad, yet it has a load stat the 21/80. Also, it"s an outside drift bike.Number 23: typical Kart S (Small Kart)
The conventional Kart S gets an advantage over the bike equivalent for being faster and also heavier.Number 22: small Titan (Small Kart)
The tiny Titan is the heaviest little vehicle in the video game with a load stat that 35/80, an interpretation it doesn"t obtain pushed around as easily. It additionally has the finest off-road amongst all karts in the game, through an off-road stat the 64/80. It additionally has a decent rate stat the 46/80.C Tier (Decent) Vehicles
Fourth is C tier. Vehicles in this tier space decent, and there room three entries in this tier.Number 21: Blue Falcon (Small Kart)
The Blue Falcon is the 2nd best tiny kart in the video game with a great speed stat that 60/80 and also a decent drift stat the 43/80. Unfortunately, it has a weight stat the 29/80.Number 20: Quacker (Small inside Drift Bike)
The very first inside drift cycle on this list, the Quacker has the finest acceleration in the game with one acceleration stat of 67/80. However, it"s the lightest car in the game with a load stat of 17/80. Within drift bikes are the best type of automobile in the game, however this is the weakest inside drift bike.Number 19: Mini Beast (Small Kart)
The best tiny kart in the game, the Mini Beast is usually the Blue Falcon, yet heavier and with better drift and mini-turbo. In fact, it has actually the best drift and also mini-turbo among all karts in the game, and it"s likewise the second heaviest small vehicle in the game behind the small Titan.B Tier (Good) Vehicles
This is where we start to acquire into the good stuff. 5th is B tier, which consists of great vehicles. Over there are 6 entries in this tier.Number 18: typical Bike M (Medium external Drift Bike)
Again, the traditional Kart M it s okay an benefit over that is kart counterpart for gift faster and heavier.Number 16: standard Bike together (Large external Drift Bike)
Once again, the traditional Kart L it s okay an benefit over the bike equivalent for gift faster and heavier.Number 14: shoot Star (Outside Drift Bike)
Here is the ideal outside drift cycle in the game. The has good speed and also weight, and also excellent drift and mini-turbo.Number 13: at sight Blooper (Medium Kart)
The at sight Blooper features good speed and also off-road, but it has damaging drift and also is the lightest medium kart in the game with a load stat the 40/80.A Tier (Great) Vehicles
Sixth is A tier. These vehicles space great, and also I would usage them often. There are 7 vehicles in this tier.Number 12: Jet balloon (Small within Drift Bike)
The Jet bubble is usually the Quacker, but faster and also heavier.Number 11: Piranha Prowler (Large Kart)
The Piranha Prowler is basically the Jetsetter, however with much better stats overall. The is the heaviest auto in the video game with a load stat the 67/80.Number 10: Dolphin Dasher (Medium inside Drift Bike)
The Dolphin Dasher is the at sight Blooper in the form of an within drift bike. It"s also the heaviest tool bike in the game with a load stat that 43/80.Number 9: Magikruiser
The Magikruiser is the bike variation of the tiny Titan, and it has actually the best off-road in the game.Number 8: Sneakster (Medium inside Drift Bike)
The Sneakster is the fastest tool bike in the game, and its other stats are mediocre come bad, it"s it"s otherwise a an excellent vehicle.Number 7: Wild wing (Medium Kart)
The finest medium kart in the game, it"s usually the Sprinter, but it"s heavier and has far better drift and also mini-turbo.Number 6: Honeycoupe (Large Kart)
The Honeycoupe is basically among the two huge versions of the Wild Wing. It"s also heavier then the Wild Wing, enabling it to push around other vehicles.S Tier (Amazing)
Last however not the very least is S tier. These are the finest vehicles in the game, and also there are 5 entries.Number 5: fire Flyer (Large Kart)
The fire Flyer is the Wild Wing and Honeycoupe, however faster.Number 4: bullet Bike (Small within Drift Bike)
The cartridge Bike is the best tiny vehicle in the game due to having the best drift and mini-turbo in the game and also being fast. However, it"s nice light, do it easy to push around.Number 3: Mach cycle (Medium within Drift Bike)
The Mach bicycle is usually the medium version that the cartridge Bike. It gets an benefit for gift faster and heavier.Number 2: Spear (Large within Drift Bike)
The Spear beats the end the Mach Bike for being the fastest bike in the game and the second heaviest bike. However, the drift stat holds the back.Number 1: Flame runner (Large within Drift Bike)
Undoubtedly the best bike in the game, the Flame jogger combines an excellent speed and an excellent weight with an excellent drift and mini-turbo, making that the many versatile car in the game.

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Wild Wing has actually the best design so thus it"s the best kart.I do like the Honeycoupe and Tiny Titan though.
Wild Wing has actually the best design so therefore it"s the ideal kart.I perform like the Honeycoupe and also Tiny Titan though.
I would put the Wild Wing, Jetsetter, Sprinter, Phantom, Honeycoupe, tiny Titan, Blue Falcon, and Flame Flyer near the top if ns were to location the vehicles by design. However, ns rank them by stats and how useful I find them come be.
As a vindictive person, ns remember dialing increase Mario Kart Wii to be 300cc and the high speed vehicles instantly came to be as useful as lemons because you seldom reach height speed to drift at all.

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While rankings between vehicles are speculative in between individuals, I execute tend to base mine on as whole statistics in between vehicles, and how fine they have the right to handle most tracks top top 150cc. The big 5 is self-explanatory.Bullet BikeMagikruiserMach BikeDolphin DasherFlame RunnerHowever, points do obtain trickier for the various other vehicles, because while speed may be vital stat, you need to look at the various other stats as well. And unfortunately for the Jetsetter, gift the fastest automobile in the game can only obtain you so much when the rest of that stats (excluding weight) are really bad. Great luck make the efforts to preserve that peak speed on any type of track the throws the end a many sharp turns.In contrast, the Quacker has among the best as whole stats of any kind of bike, which permits it come overcome virtually any type of monitor obstacle. Yet being the lightest auto in the game, and having listed below average speed, does placed it in ~ a disadvantage in crowds. And also it also method that even when girlfriend perfectly conquer all the track obstacles, holding onto first place is not guaranteed versus faster opposition.