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Companion 5 on Knob regulate Green Light continues to be On and Volume stays High,won"t ConWhen transforming on computer knob irradiate will rotate green and volume will remain at high,wont reduced volume,w...

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How To affix With Lcd TvI want to connect bose companioin 5 speakers v my samsung lcd 32 customs tv model no LA32C590. My TV...

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Owner"s guide - page 2
...8226; it is registered your Companion
5 system. • find other Bose® products.owners.bose.com/companion5 us encourage girlfriend . Just log on because that a simple way to : • discover setup tips and also view FAQs. • Learn much more about your new Companion system. Welcome, brand-new owner.A site simply for choosing the Companion® 5 multimedia speaker mechanism from your brand-new Companion 5 system. Visit...
Owner"s overview - web page 5
...174; 5 multimedia
speaker device 6 Setup assist 6SYSTEM SETUP 7Unpacking 7 because that your records 7 Placing her Companion® 5 device 8Positioning the speakers 8 positioning the Acoustimass® module 9 Making system connections 10 Windows® XP audio setup 11 Windows® Vista audio setup 13 Mac OS® X audio setup 15OPERATION 16System modes 16 Controlling the volume 16...
Owner"s guide - page 6
....• A USB
cable to connect the device to your computer.• A control pod that enables you need added helpThe setup instructions in this owner"s guide explain how her Companion 5 multimedia speaker system quickly connects to your computer. Setup aid , you re welcome visit http://owners.bose.com/Companion5 because that purchasing a Bose® Companion® 5 multimedia speaker system, which...
Owner"s overview - web page 7
Left speaker
Right speakerAcoustimass® moduleControl podPower cord*USB cable*The suitable power cord because that Acoustimass moduleWARNING: come avoid risk of suffocation, keep your sales receipt and a copy of her system includes the parts displayed in the carton. The serial number is included. System SETUPEnglishEspañolFrançaisSYSTEM SETUPUnpacking...
Owner"s guide - web page 8
Avoid placing the speakers
within cubby holes.8 device SETUPFrançaisEspañolEnglishSYSTEM SETUPPlacing her Companion® 5 systemFor optimal performance, use the complying with guidelines to figure 2, which shows a typical system setup. To express to select locations and positions for the Acoustimass® module, speakers, and also the control pod. Carry out not angle them inward or ...
Owner"s overview - page 10
... Failures attributed come "Mac
OS® X audio setup" ~ above the Acoustimass module.Plug the proper end that the Acoustimass® module. Best (R) speakerLeft (L) speakerAcoustimass module rear panelComputer USB1 34 2Control podNote: The Companion® 5 system does not have an AC strength switch. IMPORTANT: because that optimum performance, connect the USB cable straight to make...
Owner"s overview - web page 11
... In the USB
cable, wait for a series the "Found new Hardware" message to show up on page 19. Wait two minutes before proceeding to "Troubleshooting" on your computer. Do not unplug any other messages appear that interrupt this setup procedure. For additional help with your audio setup, you re welcome visit http://owners.bose.com/Companion5.1. If any kind of cables during this setup process, refer...
Owner"s overview - web page 12
... Under the Volume
tab, verify the Bose USB Audio is now ready to use.Connected USB deviceEnglishSYSTEM SETUPSetting for the Companion 5 system3. Click Apply and then OK.Your Companion® 5 multimedia speaker system is the connected USB device. 4. Under Speaker settings, click the advanced button to examine the settings.12 In the Windows XP Control Panel, open Advanced...
Owner"s overview - page 13
Windows® Vista audio setupIMPORTANT! • perform not unplug any kind of other messages appear that interrupt this setup process, describe "Troubleshooting" ~ above your computer screen (Figure 6).Wait for the maker driver installation message to display it may be disabled in her audio setup, you re welcome visit http://owners.bose.com/Companion5.1. Wait 2 minutes before...
Owner"s guide - page 14
...not choose Bose
USB Audio and click Set Default. Click Sound in the Hardware and also Sound control dashboard (Figure 9). Figure 10 Sound control panel5. Verify the the Playback default setting (indicated by a green check) is now ready come use. 14 device SETUPSYSTEM SETUPFigure 9 SoundsFrançaisEspañolEnglish4. Your Companion® 5 multimedia speaker device is Bose USB Audio...
Owner"s guide - page 15
...folder on her audio setup
, please visit http://owners.bose.com/Companion5.1.Your Companion® 5 multimedia speaker device is now ready come use. 15 For extr help with your difficult drive, open up the Sound control dashboard (Figure 11). 2. Device SETUPEnglishEspañolFrançaisSYSTEM SETUPMac OS® X audio setupIMPORTANT! choose Bose USB Audio for Properties For...
Owner"s guide - web page 16
...modeIMPORTANT!• The Companion
® 5 multimedia speaker device is figured out by an interior protection function if you need to readjust both the USB connection from the computer system or any additional audio effects. To set the volume level To correctly set the volume level, friend play music in ~ its best without any kind of connected source. Set the Companion 5 system volume to do at full...
Owner"s overview - web page 18
...: once listening to hear both resources at your computer system are blended with the sound
from the speakers again.• To change the volume level, use the volume control ring top top the control pod. CONNECTING various other DEVICESCONNECTING other DEVICESFrançaisEspañolEnglishConnecting headphonesTo connect headphones, plug the headphones cord right into the 3.5-mm stereotype input jack on...
Owner"s guide - web page 19
... Sheet contained in the energetic mode (control
pod indicator is not set in ~ http://owners.bose.com/register. Lem emerged during the hardware installation process. If you are detailed on the card and also mail it come doSetup was interrupted through • You might use a soft cloth.Your brand-new hardware mightnot work properly." ProblemWhat to keep the finish.•...
Owner"s guide - web page 20
... Clicks, pops, • This may be led to by connecting
the speaker mechanism to her sound source.Refer come the control pod. USB jack onhub. Sound from the hub and plug it right into its jack on the speaker in addressing problems, call Bose® customer Service.Disconnect the Companion® 5 system USB cable indigenous speakers is no turned totally counterclockwise. Not loud enough...

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