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I"ve acquired a B & S 10A902-2072 lawn mower, recently pulled the magneto off ... Yes, ns know, no a great idea - ns didn"t think the space would be too crucial.But the won"t begin now, it began OK before dismantling.Anyone know what the void from the magneto armature come the rotor must be on these machines?I"ve looked in ~ the components list and also owners manual from, nothing to help there.tia, Peter
put the coil on, gain the bolts simply tight sufficient so you have the right to still on slide it closer come the flywheel (turning the flywheel for this reason the magnets room away renders things easier) take it a dollar bill, slip it between the coil and also the flywheel, till it slides out v a small force, but doesn"t tear, climate spin the flywheel by hand, come make certain it doesn"t rub till you get it right. Then tighten the one bolt that doesn"t host the windvane top top tight, the various other one just tight sufficient to no make the vane stick.
The void should be .006 to .010" in ~ the magnets.I set the magneto back and snug the up. Then rotate the flywheel for this reason the magnets room directly below the coil, and also put a .010 feeler gage between the magneto legs and also the magnets. Loosen up the magneto bolts to permit the magnets to pull it under onto the flywheel v the feeler gage between them. Tighten increase the magneto bolts, then pull the feeler gage out by rotating the flywheel.
thanks men (and Tranny on, it operated a charm. It"s amazing how much grief you can put these little engines through and they still keep chugging along. I just mowed the former lawn - about a metre high, mainly weeds - partly since the maker was set up, partly because I was placing it turn off - and it walk a charm.Cut out midway and also I had actually to let that cool down, my concept is the the wait filter bolt is loose, wherein it threads into the carb is stripped, therefore too much air is obtaining in, too lean a mix, running to hot, having to take breaks occasionally.The next job is to discover a slightly oversized bolt for that air filter.Thanks again for your advice, Peter
so the bolt going into the carb is stripped, that holds the wait filter on? wouldn"t operation it lengthy without addressing that first. Dirt obtaining in isn"t good. She"ll still critical you a quite little bit more....... Briggs deserve to take punishment, and keep going..... Use nothing yet briggs

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