There are numerous variables that come into play once replacing an present engine with a new one (shaft extension, mounting base, as whole fit, etc.). To ensure you replacing her engine correctly, make sure to read our guide below with pertinent catalogs to find the ideal engine replacement specifications.

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PLEASE NOTE: The engines noted in ours catalogs room meant to fit a wide range of equipment and also may not necessarily be the precise engine friend have at this time on your equipment or the instead of engine the you space planning ~ above purchasing. However, to compare an engine our catalogs to one with a comparable horsepower and engine surname will administer a general idea of the engine specifications.

To identify your straight engine replacement specifications, uncover resources below or jump under to the most relevant section:

What is the straight replacement because that my engine? What space the specifications for my vertical tower replacement engine? What space the specifications for my horizontal shaft replacement engine? What are the specifications because that my fluid cooled replacement engine? Where deserve to I find engine instead of assistance?


Information concerning your straight engine replacement is obtainable in ourReplacement Engine Catalog(MS-5568). Our engine replacement directory shows every one of the organization replacement engines and provides the dimensions of the engines, specification information, mounting pattern and also other beneficial dimensions, numbers, etc. This magazine contains only our most commonly used "multi-purpose" engines.

Note: Engine mounting hardware is NOT included with new replacement engines. If replacing an engine on an currently application, reusing the current mounting hardware is recommended. If the engine is come be set up on a brand-new application, self-tapping mounting bolts are generally needed as engine mounting holes room blank.

For additional information about mounting bolts and torque values, please evaluation ourEngine Mounting Hardware PDF.

Service replacement engine specifications for our vertical obelisk models are available through the links below. These PDF files for vertical column replacement engines carry out the dimensions of the engine, specification information, and also other valuable dimensions, numbers, etc. That will assist you in seeking a replacement engine.

If friend have an ext questions or need aid determining her replacement engines, inspect out our engine replacement aid section below.

Find your engine specifications for her vertical column models here:

Note: Remember that engine mounting hardware is NOT consisted of with new replacement engines. Because that information regarding mounting bolts and also torque values, please evaluation ourEngine Mounting Hardware PDF.

Find your replacement engine specifications for her horizontal tower models here:

Note: Remember that engine mounting hardware is NOT consisted of with new replacement engines. For information regarding mounting bolts and torque values, please review our Engine Mounting Hardware PDF.

Specifications because that our fluid cooled engine models are obtainable by click the web links below.

Note: Remember that engine mounting hardware is NOT included with brand-new replacement engines. For information concerning mounting bolts and also torque values, please review ourEngine Mounting Hardware PDF.

Engines are accessible for online acquisition throughParts Nationwide, however if you are unsure which instead of engine deserve to be supplied for your equipment, or would like to know if you have the right to upgrade her existing engine, please feel complimentary toask concerns by contacting Briggs & Stratton customer service.

Information essential for Engine instead of Assistance:

In order come properly assist you through locating a replacement engine and also short block, make certain to include as lot engine specifications together you can below:

If not a Briggs & Stratton manufactured engine, please provide the engine brand, strength rating, and model number. (ex. Tecumseh 10 HP version HMSK 22-22222d).Equipment information including brand name, kind and design numbers (ex. Man Deere model 316 lawn tractor).

If you need to modify the engine existing electric system to complement a replacement engine, please check out ourElectrical schematic/wiring diagrams FAQ.

Contact Your neighborhood Briggs & Stratton Dealer

Since we carry out not sell factory direct, and cannot understand for specific if any kind of of the over engines will fit or need adjustments without evaluating the equipment, we indicate locating and also consulting aBriggs & Stratton Authorized Dealernear girlfriend via our website or by calling (800) 444-7774.

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