Thoughthere have been plenty of comparisons in between Kaplan"s 1999 film andthe much an ext successful (both critically and commercially) Midnight Express, Brokedown Palace, atleast in mine opinion, stands on the own.

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Perhapsthe greatest difference between these two films, and what I believe tobe Brokedown"s both biggest strength and greatest frustration, isthe pass out of the characters.
Thefilm tells the story of two American finest friends and recenthigh school graduates, Alice and also Darlene. Choose so plenty of films around teen girl that have actually come before it, Brokedown palace juxtaposes the two key characters. Darlene is the "good one" if Alice is the "bad one." before Darlene leaves for college, the girls decide to haveone last trip. Rather of going come Hawaii as originally planned,they decide to go to Thailand without informing anyone.
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Thetrip is reduced short, however, when the girls accomplish a charming Australianman calling self “Nick Parks.” Both girls space completelyinfatuated with him and, utilizing his unlimited supply of charisma, Nickconvinces castle to meet him in Hong Kong. Every hell breaks loosened while the girls arein line wait to plank their flight to Hong Kong.As sirens begin roaring,the girl arestopped through Thai police, who find heroin inthe carry-on bag. The rest of the movie covers the girls" time in aThai women"s prison and also the people they encounter along the way. They type unlikelyfriendships, both with fellow inmates and also acompassionate guard. They have actually occasional run-ins through the"bully" of the prison, yet even she is displayed to not be as heartless together she seems. The key struggle the the movie is the oftheir lawyer, recognized as “Yankee Hank,” as he make the efforts to put the piece of the puzzle with each other to present the girls" inocence. All while managing the biggest villian the the film: a corruption justice system.
I havewatched this film several times, and still, every time ns do, ns noticedifferent things that have the right to make me think one way or the various other aboutthe innocence of the girls.
Thoughthe film ends with Alice confessing to smugglingthe medicine in, that is unclear, also in the final moments the the film,what the truth actually is. Together she is leave the prison, Darlene confrontsAlice about lying come the courtso Darlenecould be released. Alice replies:
“IfI say it was the truth, you"ll dislike me. And if ns say ns lied, thenwhen you walk home, all the time you"re there v your family, youwon"t be able to just it is in happy. Therefore let"s simply say that it to be theright thing to do.”
Was it the appropriate thing come do?
Therea several scenes throughout the film that point to Alice"s guilt.
Alice is the last one to watch Nick Parks and talk to him around the unavoidable trip come Hong Kong.
Alice is the critical one left alone with the bag delivering the heroin and even asks the bellhop to wait because that a minute once he comes to take the girls" bags.
When the girl are first brought in to it is in interrogated, Alice drops asleep if waiting, which seems odd for someone just arrested for a crime castle did not commit. I recognize that if i were arrested in an unfamiliar country for something i didn"t do, I"d be much too terrified to also think around sleeping. Though, despite not gift shown really well, i think the factor for her sleeping was that she had actually been left in the same room because that hours.
“Yankee Hank” discovers the the guy callinghimself “Nick Parks” is a well-known smuggler with relationships tothe Thai Minister that Justice. Also, the airport customizeds office wastipped off while the flight was boarding by someone through a(surprise surprise!) Australian accent.
Many viewers debate around how the drugs wound up in the carry-on bag,offering different ideas. The mostpromising I have actually heard is the the bag moving the heroin wasswitched with one more by the bellhop as he loaded the bags into thetrunk of the taxi. (The camera shooting conveniently does not display theground or the bellhop native behind.)
Whetheror not the girls were actively involved v the smuggling might bedebated because that hours, and I"d love come hear her thoughts if friend haveseen this film. Carry out you think Alice was completely innocent? Whatabout Darlene?
Perhaps the more important debate has to do with Alice"s choice atthe finish of the film, suspect she is innocent.
“Herein Thailand you believe that what one friend does the other one knowsabout. Possibly that is true friendship, however I am an American, and also Iwas no that good of a girlfriend to her.”
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Whatmakes a “good friend”? by confessing, Alice needs to serve theremainder the both her and also Darlene"s sentences. The full sentences,not subtracting the time already served by both, add up come a total of96 years.

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Callme selfish, yet as much as us all love come say the we would certainly doanything because that those us love most, 90+ years in jail seems favor apretty big favor. As lot as ns love mine friends, i can"t open minded sayI would do this because that them if i were in Alice"s shoes.
Whatdo girlfriend think? was the judgment fair? would certainly you be willing to spendthe rest of your life in jail for a friend? If you were guilty? If you to be innocent?