The regulation is unclear. A conservative analysis of the applicable law is that felons in Colorado might not possess any type of weapons, consisting of crossbows for searching or non-hunting purposes. Yet it additionally can be suggested that crossbows fall exterior the an interpretation of prohibited tools by convicted felons as long as the blade is less than 3.5″ in length.

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Crossbows covers a “prod” the is mounted perpendicularly come a “tiller.” it shoots projectiles called bolts or quarrels, i m sorry are similar to arrows.

Unlike bows and arrows — which call for the user come manually pull earlier and host the bowstring — crossbows have actually a lock come hold ago the bowstring. So every crossbow users should do to release the bowstring is depress a trigger similar to a gun’s.

Possession of a weapon through a previous offender

People judge of a felony crime might not own prohibited weapons in Colorado. State legislation is unclear even if it is this includes crossbows.

1 to 1 ½ years in prison (with 1-year causing obligation parole), and/ora fine of $1,000 come $100,000

But a POWPO offense might be punished an ext harshly if the defendant’s vault conviction was within the last 10 year and the conviction to be for either:

burglary,arson, or

In this case, a first-time POWPO conviction is a class 5 felony, carrying:

1 come 3 year in jail (with 2 year mandatory parole), and/ora fine of $1,000 come $100,000

And a succeeding conviction is a class 4 felony, carrying:

2 to 6 years in prison (with 3 years mandatory parole), and/ora well of $2,000 to $500,000

Hunting patent in Colorado

People need licenses indigenous Colorado Parks and also Wildlife to hunt lawfully in Colorado. Interestingly, this government company does not run criminal background check on applicants. Therefore, felons may attain hunting licenses. However, having a hunting license walk not give felons permission to possess prohibited tools for searching purposes.

In practice, countless convicted felons press their luck and also do hunt through weapons in Colorado. However they risk gaining a POWPO conviction (explained above), which would add another felony to your criminal history.

(See Ryan Parker, “Felons set sights for searching in Colorado“, The Denver short article (April 30, 2016).

Restoring weapon civil liberties through a Governor’s Pardon

Convicted felons in Colorado may apply for a Governor’s Pardon to regain their weapons rights. However, pardons are typically accessible only to human being who finished your criminal sentences at least ten (10) years earlier. And even then, there is no guarantee the a pardon will be granted.

Qualifications because that a Colorado governor’s pardon include:

having great character before the conviction,having good conduct during the incarceration,statements by the sentencing judge, district attorney, and prosecuting attorney, andproof that the applicant’s rehabilitation

Learn more about using for a Colorado Governor’s Pardon.

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(See Jordan Steffen, “Reformed inmate irritable by backlog in Colorado’s pardon process“, Denver Post (April 26, 2016).