Guinea Pigs are one of the most popular pocket pets in the united States. Who deserve to say no come feeding a cute tiny guinea pig a sweet treat choose a juicy pepper piece? yet be cautioned…not all foodstuffs are safe for guinea pigs! Can guinea pigs eat peppers?

Dr. Jess defines the answer below:


What is a Guinea Pig?

A guinea pig is a type of pocket pet that lives in the cavie family of animals.

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They are little animals that grow to a maximum of approximately 10-11 inches long, and also can weigh as much as 2.5 pounds together an adult.

In captivity and also with appropriate care that is fairly common to check out these pet live to 8-10+ year of age.

One the their key anatomical (body) “quirks” is the they space constantly needing come chew in order to file down their teeth, together their teeth space constantly erupting (growing longer).

They are rather playful animals and also love come socialize with the ones the they know and love.

They make an excellent pets because that responsible pets owners, and also those life in tiny dwellings wanting a loveable pet the comes in a tiny package.

What do Guinea Pigs commonly Eat?

Guinea Pigs eat one assortment of things to save them healthy and happy.

High-qualityguinea pig foodandTimothy hayshould it is in the key staples of their diet.Up to about 10% of their diet deserve to be comprised of an assortment ofvegetables and also fruits, through fruits and vegetables over 12-24 hours old gift discarded as quickly as possible.They require 30 – 50 mg ofvitamin Cdaily from their diet, one of two people in their guinea pig food, a vitamin supplement, or native fruits and also vegetables that are high in vitamin C. I’ll acquire to this much more here in a sec…Guinea pigs do finest with dietslow in fats and also sugars.Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-freewater. ‘Fresh water‘ method that is is changed daily. ‘Changed daily‘ means that brand-new water is placed into a CLEAN water dispenser!

The prestige of Vitamin C for Guinea Pigs

Like people and particular other animals like birds and also bats, guinea pigs do not have actually the capacity to make vitamin C.

Instead, guinea pigs must get this necessary nutrient indigenous the foods they eat in their diet.

Guinea pigs in the wild gain their vitamin C from new grass sources.

Pet guinea pigs receive supplemental vitamin C from leafy greens, fruit and veggies, specialty fortified pellets or supplemental droplets placed in their water bottles.


Let’s Talk about Peppers:

There are countless different types of peppers the end there, therefore I will cover a pair common types of peppers that you may encounter below in the united States.

Bell Peppers:

Bell peppers are also known together sweet peppers. These peppers are actually a fruit, but are frequently treated together a vegetable in countless American dishes because of that flavor, texture, and also look.

They have actually a really mildly sweet taste and a jucy, fresh texture.

They come in 4 main colors in the grocery store, red, yellow, orange, and green.

Chili Peppers:

Chili peppers are smaller sized in dimension than a bell pepper and also their shape is an ext like that of a banana. Most chili peppers uncovered in stores have actually a thick glossy outer skin, that is environment-friendly in shade when immature and also turns to a bright red as soon as ready come eat.

They are additionally a fruit, but mainly used as a vegetable or spice in United claims kitchens. They are provided in numerous recipes together aspiceto addheatto dishes that need an ext pizazz.

Chili peppers have actually much more of a spicy heat to them than the mild bell pepper v no spicy heat.

There are countless different varieties of chili peppers available. One very common type of chili pepper easily accessible is the jalapeno pepper.

The capsaicin found in chili peppers is used for medicine purposes and in pepper sprays across the world.

Pepper health Benefits:

According to a current Healthline article regarding the health benefits that bell peppers,

Bell peppers space rich in many vitamins andantioxidants, especiallyvitamin Cand assorted carotenoids. For this reason, castle may have actually several health and wellness benefits, such as improvedeye healthand diminished risk of several chronic diseases. Every in all, bell peppers are terrific addition come a healthy and balanced diet.

Low Calories:

Bell peppers are low in calories. This is a great thing for your tiny piggie that may an extremely well be susceptible to getting weight and everything the comes in addition to obesity.

High Water Content:

Bell peppers deserve to contain approximately 92% water . This could help your small pal stay hydrated.

Vitamins and also Minerals:

Bell peppers space exceptionally rich in vitamin C as well as other vitamins and minerals, such as A, B6, E, K1, folate, and also potassium.


Bell peppers are additionally rich in various other antioxidants as well as vitamin C.

Are Peppers healthy For Guinea Pigs to Eat?

A pepper consists of a short amount the calories and fat so that a better snack if her pet is overweight or has diabetes than other treats with greater caloric content.

Peppers likewise have a high water content to help keep your little friend hydrated.

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As discussed in the nutritional content of peppers section, peppers have actually a high quantity of vitamin A, B, C, E, K, etc. In it – vitamin that aid with the security of important body solution that save the body running and also functioning appropriately.

A pepper is packed through a multitude the minerals and also other nutrient which space great because that the health of her pet bunny…. In the suitable amounts! there is such point as too much of a an excellent thing!