Always known as one of the symbolic fruits of summer, watermelon or watermelon, the is thirst-quenching, really rich in water and a source of beneficial and nourishing properties. The summer fruit must not just be remembered for its red color and its taste sugary, there really is a lot much more to know. Throughout the hottest days and summer evenings, it often happens come be v friends or ~ above some various other occasion and also thus have a great feast of watermelon. Below then some inquiries arise: have the right to you eat watermelon in the evening? Is eat it prior to bed bad? Let’s try to know something more!


Eating a nice part of watermelon in the summer deserve to be of great relief, especially when the warmth gets yes, really unbearable. This fruit is very well-off in water and so it have the right to be terrific substitute because that water come hydrate the body. Eat a great amount that watermelon additionally helps safeguard the skin native the threats of sun exposure. In general, the most far-ranging benefits are:

Hydration: watermelon is consisted of of 92% water and 8% sugar.Stimulates diuresis: thanks to the large amount that water that is a perfect fruit to promote diuresis and detoxification the the body.

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Energizing: many thanks to the visibility of vitamin B6, a single part of watermelon can increase the energy level by 23%, which is beneficial for the body to synthesize dopamine. Watermelon is also rich in magnesium, which is useful for enhancing cell energy.Improve sleep quality: Some researches have shown that the usage of watermelon help promote sleep. Because that this reason, spend a couple of slices after ~ dinner can assist the body develop serotonin. In this means the mind is much less sensitive to external signals and also sleep is an ext peaceful.Control that the weight: consuming watermelon in details circumstances can assist keep weight under control. This is certainly due to the substantial amount that water which also has the capacity to mitigate the feeling of hunger. Hence it is recommended to have a snack, mid-morning or mid-afternoon, through a small watermelon.

Eating watermelon in the evening: is it yes, really bad?

Watermelon deserve to be eaten safely at any kind of time of the day. In spite of the numerous benefits currently mentioned, it is impossible not to remember that not everyone can digest watermelon easily. AND’ not encourage to eat it after a meal. This is mainly because of the truth that the high quantity of water current dilutes the gastric fruits, hindering their typical work. There room no specific contraindications for those who eat watermelon prior to going to sleep since it is a fruit the promotes the manufacturing of serotonin. The sweet taste deserve to also aid those who have actually the desire to eat other sugary in the evening or in ~ night. This go not mean that you have the right to eat castle in huge quantities.

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Attention, in fact, for those experiencing from colitis, gastritis or diabetes. Consuming watermelon in these cases is no advised, however it is always an excellent not come overdo it.