Can I placed Vaseline/petroleum jelly on mine dog’s paws or nose? Dog owner have disputed this inquiry for ages.

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Many dog owners swear by Vaseline together a paw protectant or healing salve. This is as result of the truth that it certainly works in some an essential situations, including relieving their dog’s dry skin, and other type of wounds.

Others protest its intake due to the belief that a petroleum derivative cannot be safe for consumption and will virtually certainly be licked off of the paws or nose.

As with numerous things, the prize lies somewhere between – if you’re in a pinch, you deserve to use Vaseline as lengthy as girlfriend take adequate precautions.

However, for permanent dog paw care, there are probably much better products on the sector that are known to be much safer for your dog’s health.

A fast Word top top Cracked Paws and Nose

Before i go a little an ext into Vaseline / petroleum jelly specifics please recognize that making use of this and comparable products come cover a cracked sleep or paws is favor placing a Band-aid on a wound. It helps to alleviate the symptoms. However, that doesn’t resolve the basic issue.

PetMD has a good write-up top top underlying concerns that can reason a dog’s paws or nose to crack in the first place. Examine out that write-up after you check out this one and provide some instant relief to the symptom.

Remember, our goal with this entirety site is to keep ourselves and our pups healthy and balanced for a long time, for this reason we can go out and also have much more fun through them! I’m walk to refer to Vaseline and also petroleum jelly interchangeably unless the context calls because that the certain brand.

The history of Vaseline


To know a small about why dog owners use petroleum jelly in the very first place, it helps to recognize where it come from (and why it became so popular).

The base material for petroleum jelly was discovered in 1859 through Robert Chesebrough, a chemist by training, who was visiting oilfields in Pennsylvania. If there, that saw few of the oil ar workers put “rod wax”, a chemistry byproduct the oil refining, on themselves to heal your cuts and burns.

Seeing the advertising potential in this material, Chesebrough took it earlier to his lab. Reasonably soon thereafter, he uncovered that he could create a light, gel-like problem by distilling the stick wax and passing it through bone char.

He repetitive that procedure three time to develop what is now well-known as Vaseline.

Vaseline’s heal Properties – Why Dog Owners use It

Chesebrough walk on tourism to tout his invention. He sold its heal properties by burn himself with acid or an open up flame and also then dispersing Vaseline on the wound. He additionally showed previous wounds and also how well they had healed with the aid of Vaseline.

And here’s the thing – Vaseline functioned to help the healing process!

Chesebrough’s wounds had actually healed. As more people bought and used Vaseline to aid with burns and also other wounds, much more accounts of Vaseline’s heal properties appeared.

Frankly, as soon as it involves the procedure for which it to be intended (healing skin wounds), Vaseline worked wonderfully.

It provides sense when you think about it – Vaseline, a gel, had actually been purified and also was relatively complimentary of contaminants.

By putting it on her skin, you’re keeping out additional dirt and also bacteria while keeping in moisture. All of this offer to aid the healing process, especially in the less-sanitized era the the late 1800s.

That very same concept uses to your dog’s paws and also nose. Utilizing petroleum jelly to store out further contaminants and also keep in humidity is generally a an excellent practice.

The Controversy

The primary debate arises since of a dog’s natural behavior – licking chin clean.

You guys understand what I’m talking about. If her dog’s paws are hurting her, what is she going to do? She’s going to lick them.

Dogs lick instinctually.

Licking is the best way that they have to attain that “free from contaminants / moisturize” combo us look for when healing skin wounds (though i don’t understand how cost-free from contaminants a dog’s mouth yes, really is).

If your dog instinctually licks locations that hurt, and also your dog has petroleum jelly ~ above its paws, then it’s going come ingest the petroleum jelly top top its paws.

But is eating petroleum jelly really poor for your dog?

The next Effects

The great news is that Vaseline is taken into consideration only minimally toxic once consumed in tiny doses. Note that there are different purity grades of petroleum jelly, but I’m going to stick v Vaseline because it is the many rigorously tested and prides itself on the purity.

So what walk “minimally toxic” mean?

It way that as lengthy as you do not ingest it frequently and also you ingest only small amounts as soon as you do, there will certainly not most likely be long-term results for her dog.

There can be some short-term effects though.

In particular, Vaseline have the right to be a laxative.

In instance you don’t recognize what the means, that means you will have actually a choice. Either wake up up number of times throughout the evening to let your dog out, or invest your morning clean up a smelly mess rather of running v your dog.

If the laxative result continues since you keep using Vaseline to paws or nose, climate you run the danger of dehydrating your dog. We constantly advise to stop dehydration (even minor), specifically for active dogs.

Beyond these well-known side effects, there are many reasonably speculative ones. Simply search “Is eat Vaseline bad?” and also look through the outcomes – there room a the majority of opinions and also some truth on both sides.

So basically, we can see the eating Vaseline has some young negatives, and also no proven benefits.

My advice? protect against letting her dog eat Vaseline due to the fact that the benefits (non-existent) are outweighed through the recognized negatives.

In other words, also though Vaseline is effective, eat it might have an adverse effects for this reason you should avoid that if possible.

Well crap, what need to I use instead?


As it transforms out, there are loads of incredible alternatives to petroleum jelly on the market. Companies have actually specifically recipe these products to be lot safer for her pup have to she decision to lick castle off.

One an excellent option is Burt’s Bees. You probably recognize Burt’s Bees for their mostly–natural moisturizing products like lip balms and also foot creams.

In an amazing move, they determined to develop a product particularly for their canine customers: Burt’s Bees Paw and also Nose Lotion. It retails in ~ the middle room of the price spectrum.

On the greater end of costs, countless veterinarians lug an alternative called ResQ Organics pet Skin Treatment. This product has a mix of oils and also manuka love husband to aid kill bacteria and soothe itching and also cracking.

It’s a good product, however it’s going to expense you. Ns recommend do the efforts the cheaper stuff before shelling the end the dough because that this.

Of course, these room not your just two options. You can discover a lot of other alternatives out over there with similar products designed especially for her dog’s natural behavior.

However, once searching, the most essential thing is come avoid assets containing zinc oxide, diclofenac, or calcipotriene. Every one of these room toxic to her canine buddy and can cause severe and also potentially fatal health issues.

If you’re curious around the types of commodities we recommend, inspect out our resources page – it’s vet-reviewed and also approved.

The herbal Route – Coconut Oil

If you great to go a organic route, coconut oil is a terrific choice. Among the safest and also most efficient moisturizers, massaging coconut oil right into your dog’s paw pads will soothe and also moisturize sore, cracked spots.

As an added bonus, coconut oil is even valuable to your dog’s healthwhen ingested. It can rise your pup’s immune system, enhance her hair and also nail strength, and also even potentially aid with joint pain!

When utilizing coconut oil, you should be vigilant about 3 things: 1) potential allergies, 2) higher cholesterol, and also 3) a perhaps minimal laxative result of its own in huge doses.

As for the allergies (#1), a great way to check this is to provide a very little amount to your dog. Then watch her carefully for the following 30 minute or for this reason to view if she reacts. Look because that odd swelling or readjust in breathing.

Likewise, even if she doesn’t have an instant reaction, watch she over the next couple of weeks together you use the coconut oil. If she starts itching much an ext than she provided to, climate you could have come discontinue your use of coconut oil.

#2 is no as huge of an issue with solid dog athletes, together a little extra fat and cholesterol are an excellent for athletes, human and also dog alike.

#3 could make you pause provided what I simply said around Vaseline. However, I cite it below primarily because that the benefits of completeness. Your dog needs much higher doses the coconut oil to achieve a comparable laxative result to petroleum jelly.


Simply put, much more of the coconut oil is digestible and also usable by her body, which method less of it will be passed with your system.

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Just be sure to to buy the an excellent stuff. As with anything else, there are qualities of quality in coconut oil. The better quality you buy, the better it will certainly be for her dog.

Dog Boots

Dog boots have actually been increasing in popularity end the last couple of years. They’re a an excellent way to defend your pup’s paws indigenous the heat and cold, they additionally have drawbacks. Namely, the price.

You can acquire some disposable booties for fairly cheap. However, a major pair that dog boots can set you back around $100. I’ve composed a large guide covering whatever you must know about dog boots. I’ve composed a couple of reviews, together well!