Blue cheese — occasionally spelled “bleu cheese” — is recognized for that blueish hue and also potent smell and also flavor. You will do it regularly discover this renowned dairy product in salad dressings and also sauces, or served alongside fruit and nuts or other cheeses.

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Some the the most common varieties room Stilton, Roquefort, and also Gorgonzola (1).

Still, due to the fact that it’s a mold-ripened cheese regularly made through unpasteurized milk, you might wonder even if it is it’s safe to eat during pregnancy.

This write-up explains whether pregnant women can eat blue cheese.

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Blue cheese may carry Listeria
The risks of eat blue cheese throughout pregnancy have actually nothing to do with the reality that this dairy products product is made using mold, as these certain molds room safe come consume.

Instead, since most blue cheese is made v unpasteurized milk, the carries a greater risk of contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.

This bacterium can cause listeriosis, a foodborne illness that presents lot like the flu or stomach pest (2).

Some that the most common listeriosis symptoms in pregnant women room fever, aches and pains, cradle upset, and also headaches. Much more severe symptoms include stiff neck, confusion, convulsions, and loss that balance (3).

These may be a sign that Listeria has entered into the mother’s nervous system, where it can cause bacterial meningitis, or inflammation around the brain and spinal cord (4, 5).

Listeriosis symptom are frequently mild for pregnant women, and many may not also realize they have it. However, Listeria can cross the placenta and may be fatal to your unborn infant (3).

While listeriosis is relatively rare, pregnant women room up come 20 time likelier to obtain it 보다 the general populace (6).

Pasteurization, which provides mild warmth to partly sterilized certain foods, kills Listeria. However, relatively couple of blue cheeses space pasteurized, leaving it at a higher risk of bacter contamination.

Is every blue cheese at risk?

Keep in psychic that food preparation can death Listeria. Together such, extensively cooked dishes, such as pizza with blue cheese, are most likely safe come eat if pregnant.

One examine using raw milk showed that temperatures of 131°F (55°C) substantially reduced the task of Listeria (7).

Though much less common, some blue cheeses room made through pasteurized milk. You have the right to tell through looking at the product label.

If you pregnant, you must avoid any type of blue cheese that includes raw milk. Unpasteurized dairy commodities are required by regulation to have a disclosure in many U.S. States.

What about blue cheese dressing?

Blue cheese dressings often combine blue cheese v mayonnaise, buttermilk, cake cream, vinegar, milk, and also onion and garlic powder, though other variations exist.

The milk and also blue cheese in this dressing may be at hazard of Listeria contamination. Blue cheese dressing may or might not it is in made using pasteurized ingredients.

To be on the safe side, pregnant women might wish to avoid blue cheese dressing. If you decision to purchase it, choose a product that has been pasteurized.


As it’s frequently made v unpasteurized milk, blue cheese boosts your danger of Listeria poisoning, which is incredibly dangerous because that unborn babies. If you’re pregnant, it’s ideal to avoid blue cheese commodities or just buy persons that usage pasteurized milk.

Symptoms of Listeria poisoning typically show up within a couple of days of eating the contaminated food. However, some world may not experience symptoms for as much as 30 days.

If she pregnant and also have eaten blue cheese, nothing panic. Monitor her health and also look because that symptoms prefer vomiting, diarrhea, or a fever over 100.5°F (38°C) (9).

Call your medical care provider if you start to feel sick or think friend may have listeriosis symptoms.

A blood test deserve to be carry out to check the infection, and — if diagnosed beforehand — occasionally antibiotics have the right to be supplied for treatment (3).


If you’ve consumed blue cheese while pregnant, nothing panic. Monitor any symptoms and also contact a health experienced if you suspect you have listeriosis.

Blue cheese is a soft, mold-ripened cheese that many civilization enjoy on salads and in sauces.

It’s often made through unpasteurized milk, which put it in ~ high risk of leading to listeriosis, a perhaps dangerous epidemic for pregnant women.

Thus, pregnant women need to avoid many blue cheese, and products that contain it.

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Still, a few blue cheeses are made with pasteurized milk, and these are safe to consume.

If friend have consumed unpasteurized blue cheese while pregnant, the ideal course of action is to monitor her symptoms and call your healthcare provider if you concerned.