Pregnant women are advised to stop cold cut to avoid listeriosis, an illness caused by the bacteria listeria.

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Everyone’s favorite social media citizen, model and also cookbook author Chrissy Teigen, has actually been having pregnancy complications v baby number three. She’s currently hospitalized, however that hasn’t stopped her from share her favourite snacks on society media, i beg your pardon in a recent Instagram story contained a ham and cheese sandwich make by she superstar husband, musician man Legend.

While Teigen has previously shared that cold cuts — consisting of late night Lunchables — space a pregnancy craving of hers, deli meats pose a hazard to pregnant women.

Pregnant women space advised to avoid processed meats to protect against listeriosis, condition caused by the bacteria listeria. Follow to the American university of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, pregnant women space 10 times an ext likely to obtain listeriosis than the general population, yet Teigen explained she has means of lowering the threat while quiet indulging she craving for cold cuts.

"If friend microwave you can actually kill whatever listeria," Teigen said in she Instagram stories. "You don"t have to microwave the crap the end of it, simply a little, but it"s a way to get approximately the system."

Why microwave cold cuts? The Centers for an illness Control (CDC) advises the pregnant women "avoid eating warm dogs, lunch meats, cold cuts, other deli meat (such together bologna), or fermented or dried sausages unless they room heated come an inner temperature the 165°F or until steaming hot just before serving."

Why carry out deli meats pose a threat to pregnant women?

"Because deli meats space so delicious and also common, women are often surprised to uncover out the they may not have the ability to have them in pregnancy," said Dr. Steve Rad, MD, an OBGYN and Medical manager of Los Angeles Fetal & Maternal treatment Center in ~ Cedars-Sinai medical Office Towers, said Follow to Chrissy Teigen"s Instagram, he also happens to be she OB-GYN.

Listeria is most commonly linked with processed/deli meats, warm dogs, soft cheeses, smoked seafood, unpasteurized milk, keep salads, meat spreads, pate and also even fruits and also vegetables.

"Normally, deli meats space OK if you room not pregnant. However, pregnant women, who immune systems space to some level compromised, are plenty of folds an ext likely and susceptible to acquiring listeria 보다 non-pregnant people and also the complications because that the mother and also developing baby deserve to be very serious and also devastating, consisting of miscarriage, negative fetal growth, preterm labor and also birth, stillbirth and infected mothers and also babies," stated Rad.

Mothers can acquire seriously sick, too, described Rad, as listeria can cause fevers, diarrhea and blood currently infections.

"While overall the risk may be low, the results of listeria epidemic in pregnancy deserve to be really serious because that the mother, fetus and also infant, hence, the reason for so much caution," Rad said.

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How can pregnant women eat cold cuts safely?

"My general recommendation is to avoid warm dogs, lunch meats, cold cuts and other deli meats while pregnant," stated Rad.

If friend can"t withstand those cold cut cravings, heed the CDC"s advice to warmth them to a minimum internal temperature of at the very least 165 degrees and cook until “steaming hot” to death the bacteria.

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"Per USDA, these should be consumed soon after heating and also should not be allowed to continue to be at room temperature or went back to refrigeration temperatures. Once heating these meat products in the microwave, verify that the products reach this temperature throughout," explained Rad.

Now where"s the meat thermometer?

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