Catholics and also Christians throughout the world will shortly be celebrate Ash Wednesday, a holiday the marks the beginning of Lent and also 40 days before Easter. There space a the majority of questions that those the the Catholic faith may have worrying this holy day. However of the plenty of questions you could have, deserve to you eat meat top top Ash Wednesday is just one of the many common.

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Perhaps girlfriend forgot what girlfriend learned way back in Sunday school, or maybe you never learned it in ~ all. There space a lot of of different rules that come in addition to Lent. However don"t worry, I"m walk to simplify them for you.

Can girlfriend eat meat on Ash Wednesday?

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The straightforward answer? No. When it"s no explicitly stated in the scriptures that meat top top Ash Wednesday is off limits, the password of Canon Law explains that Catholics have to refrain from eating meat ~ above this day, and on Fridays throughout the Lent season.

What is the password of Canon Law?


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The present Code that Canon law was developed in 1983 to specify the obligations of Latin Rite Catholics. Follow to Canon 1251:

"abstinence from eating meat or an additional food according to the prescriptions that the conference of bishops is come be observed on Fridays transparent the year uneven they space solemnities; abstinence and fast are to be it was observed on Ash Wednesday and also on the Friday that the Passion and Death that Our lord Jesus Christ."

In more simple terms, Catholics have to refrain from eat meat ~ above Ash Wednesday. In addition, Canon 1251 points the end that Catholics should likewise fast.

What go it average to fast?

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Adult Catholics are forced to fast, together per Canon 1249. But that doesn"t necessarily median that you should refrain from eating any kind of food, yet should minimize your usual intake on these holy days. Typically, one that fasts would certainly eat one enjoy the meal per job or two smaller sized meals.

What about Valentine’s Day?

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This year, Ash Wednesday drops on Valentine’s Day, which could present a dilemma for some. If she observing Ash Wednesday but likewise want to have actually an intimate Valentine’s work dinner, opt for one of these vegetarian dinners. Who claimed you require meat to have actually a romantic dinner anyway?

#SpoonTip: Don"t worry, this is the very first time in end a te the two days have actually overlapped.

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On Ash Wednesday, you"ll see many Catholics attend mass and receive ashes on your forehead to screen their mortality. It is necessary to point out the Ash Wednesday is no a holy day the obligation–meaning Catholics room not required to to visit mass top top Ash Wednesday. Catholics space still urged to to visit mass and participate in abstinence come prepare because that the celebration event of Christ"s death and also resurrection.

Disclaimer: If you"re an east Rite Catholic or another sect, your lent practices might differ. Though there might be part similarities across different sects, the code of Canon regulation specifically uses to those of the roman inn Catholic faith. I imply you speak to your neighborhood parish around the various obligations of her sect throughout the Lent season.