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November 21, 2007

by Jennie Ruby

Note: Asterisks suggest a grammatically incorrect sentence. A typically asked question from my grammar classes is this one: can you start a sentence with because? The brief answer is, yes, if friend make certain it is in fact a complete sentence. The longer answer is not an answer, but a question: wherein did you obtain the idea the you might not?

First, the brief answer. You deserve to start a sentence with because, as long as girlfriend make certain to totally complete the sentence. One clause start with the word because does not constitute a sentence. These room fragments:

*Because the newspapers reported it.**Because the river ran dry.*

If you follow the clause start with because with a finish independent clause, however, you room in business. This are finish sentences:

Because the papers reported it, the neighbors thought it.Because the flow ran dry, the dam would no longer carry out electricity.

Now, the long answer. Mine theory as to why for this reason many civilization think you cannot begin a sentence with because is that college teachers use this "rule" to help students avoid writing fragments like the ones in asterisks above. Girlfriend may uncover this rule useful yourself if you space prone come this error. Thus, if you carry out not permit yourself to begin a sentence v because, you will instantly correct fragments beginning with because. You can correct this fragment:

*Because I claimed so.*

By creating this finish sentence:

The children stayed within this afternoon due to the fact that I said so.

You may additionally correct fragments like the persons in asterisks above by rewriting so that because is not at the beginning:

The neighbors thought the story since the newspaper reported it.The dam would no long administer electricity since the river ran dry.

About the Author: Jennie Ruby is a veteran jajalger2018.org trainer and author through titles such together "Essentials of access 2000" and also "Editing with MS indigenous 2003 and also Adobe Acrobat 7" to she credit. Jennie specializes in digital editing. In ~ the American emotional Association, she was manager of electronic publishing and manager of technical editing and journal production. Jennie has actually an M.A. Native George Washington University and also is a Certified technological Trainer (Chauncey Group). She is a publishing skilled with 20 years of suffer in writing, modifying and desktop publishing.

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