Hey guys, I simply have another question, why space some acronyms and abbreviations allowed in scrabble? Is it just as result of their popularity and also presence in society?

Two instances of this room AA (alcoholics anonymous) and advertisement (short for advertisement)

Edit: i was just educated AA is a kind of lava, so maybe my acronym discussion is invalid.

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There are maybe others added in to keep the game fresh. QI, although not an acronym, was included for this an extremely reason.

"Qi" was not included to save the game fresh. It was added because that in the thesaurus that was offered to create the indigenous list, and also there's not factor to exclude the (it's not an abbreviation, a proper noun, etc).

• aal n. The Indian mulberry or noni (Morinda citrifolia, Morinda tinctoria), a shrub found in southeast Asia,...

• aal n. A red dyestuff acquired from the root of the eastern Indian shrubs (Morinda citrifolia, Morinda tinctoria)...

• AAL init. (aviation) over Aerodrome Level.

Words need to enhance the Scrabble rules (not constantly capitalized, not marked as foreign) and appear in one of three dictionaries which include Merriam Webster. Plenty of initialisms and extremely obscure words satisfy this test, but likewise have a secondary or initial intake as a proper noun, trademark, or acronym.

The ascendancy of ignorance I use that's pretty advantageous is this: if the word is one acronym (each letter stands for a word), and you'd capitalize words in a sentence, it's no valid. If words is lowercase in sentence or component of a larger word (ad or za), then it's good.

A couple of acronyms:

AMU (Atomic mass Unit)

AWOL (Absent there is no Leave)

FUBAR (F'd up beyond all repair)

SNAFU (Situation Normal, all F'd up)

WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

RADAR/SCUBA as mentioned before

The number of words the are quick for various other words are means too countless to list. Here's just a couple of off the peak of mine head:

BI (a bisexual)

CHEM (chemistry)

ED (education)

ORG (an organization)

SYSOP (Systems operator)

The trouble is v the scrabble board the decides which words will be in the main Scrabble dictionary.

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The plank is comprised of all guys who maintain that there space no women on the board due to the fact that the job-related is too hard.

after becoming conscious of this man rationalization, I decided that maybe some that the indigenous in your dicktionary are there for point potential fairly than actual native value

It seems from everyone else's comment its only an extremely popular acronyms and abbreviations that are recognised more as indigenous in day-to-day life that make it into the scrabble thesaurus (like RADAR). I'm no sure around your first pair sentences, I extremely doubt this is part feminist issue, if that's what you're gaining at lol