I obtained a concern via email around using one adult AED ~ above a pediatric patient if there to be no pediatric AED pads available. The quick answer? Yes, girlfriend can. Remember, numerous newer AED’s are currently attenuated and also will usually provide as much electrical power as necessary to accomplish de-fibrillation. If at all possible, use an AED v pediatric pads and place them appropriately on the chest and back of the pediatric patient. If no pediatric pads are available, location the adult size AED pads ~ above the front center of chest and also in the middle of the child’s earlier approximately between the shoulder knives to certain most reliable de-fibrillation even with adult AED. In the end, as soon as a person is enduring sudden cardiac arrest, the bulk of the time, they space in a some form of de-fibrillatable rythm and an AED is of great benefit, also if the dimension of the pads don’t match. Eras for the kid ranges in between 1-8 or very first signs the puberty, after ~ that, treat as an adult and also if under 1 year the age, treat together an infant. There’s some question as to the performance of de-fibrillation in infants under 1 year. View the over links for much more details concerning this subject.

I expect this helps.

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