Let me gain this straight – you want to use a finish on an additional finish? I’m just messing through you!

Every now and also then, you uncover that after you have painted a wood surface, you’re no pleased v the result. The looks great, yet it just feels choose something is missing.

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If your solution is to use polyurethane over paint, then i salute her ingenuity.

Poly can produce a distinct look ~ above any form of paint. The just thing that have the right to go not correct is no knowing just how long for repaint to dry before polyurethane.

Can You put Polyurethane over Paint?

Yes, you have the right to put polyurethane end paint. As long as the repaint has totally cured and it’s clean, girlfriend can apply both water-based and oil-based polyurethane over any form of paint. However, you need to be careful of discoloration, especially from oil-based polyurethane.

Now that you know it’s feasible to apply poly over painted surfaces, let’s find out exactly how long you need to wait for the paint to dried before using polyurethane finish.

How lengthy for paint to Dry before Polyurethane?

Allow the paint at the very least 24 come 72 hrs to dry, depending upon the form of paint you space using, before polyurethane. If you space not certain if the repaint has fully cured, wait one extra work or two to it is in safe.

When deserve to I use Polyurethane over Paint?

As soon as the paint has actually cured, friend can apply polyurethane end up over the paint. This is the only variable you need to consider before you use polyurethane over paint.

On average, that takes paint 24 hours to cure, however different weather conditions and other determinants can sluggish down this process.

It is vital that friend wait until the paint is completely cured because of the procedures you have to take before applying the polyurethane finish.

You must clean and abrade the painted surface to eliminate impurities before using the polyurethane. If friend don’t, the poly won’t adhere properly.

If the painted surface is still wet, the cleaning procedure will obliterate it and get into the wood, which can spoil it. That is vital to give the wood sufficient time to cure – ideally 72 hrs – because the surface dries quicker.


Chalk repaint – dries in as small as 30 minutes, yet you need to wait at the very least a work before applying a 2nd coat. It takes 30 days to cure.Milk repaint – it additionally dries in 30 minutes and also needs 30 days to cure.Latex/water-based repaint – this dries in just 4 hours and also can be totally cured in 21 days.Oil-based repaint – this takes in between 6 to 8 hours to dry and at least 30 days to cureVelvet finishes – this furniture-friendly product dries in around 8 hours.

5. Kind of Wood

Some woods have actually high concentrations of chemicals that stop the repaint from sticking properly and also evaporating. Rosewood, in particular, can be troublesome, as can some aromatic cedarwood. If possible, avoid paint over this form of wood.

How come Clean up After You room Done using Polyurethane

You deserve to wipe any type of messes top top the floor with just soap and water if you are using water-based polyurethane.

Brushes can also be cleaned with soap and also warm water if you are using water-based poly. However, if you’re utilizing oil-based soak the brush in mineral soul to clean it and also keep it for use next time.


How numerous Coats the Polyurethane on Painted Wood and Floor?

You need to use at the very least 3 coats the polyurethane over the painted surface. Once using oil-based polyurethane, you might be able to get away with just two coats.

However, you could need 4 or 5 coats before you gain a smooth complete when utilizing water-based polyurethane.

Follow the manufacturer’s proposal as some might require an ext or less, or review our thorough guide on using the right variety of polyurethane coats for various situations, i.e., stairs and also hardwood floor.

Can You placed Polyurethane end White paint?

Yes, you have the right to put polyurethane over white paint, but there is a high likelihood that it will certainly yellow.

This is the one script in which also most water-based polyurethanes will certainly yellow. In fact, many manufacturers tell you no to placed it on white paint for fear you won’t like the outcome.

Learn how to spray polyurethane complete today.

Can You placed Water-based Polyurethane end Latex Paint?

Yes, you have the right to use polyurethane over latex and also oil-based paints. You deserve to use one of two people oil-based or water-based polyurethane end latex paint to protect the wood. Wait because that the paint to fully cure before applying poly.

However, together discoloration may take place with either form of polyurethane, test it the end on an inconspicuous area first.

Can You put Polyurethane over Acrylic Paint?

Yes, you can apply both oil-based and water-based polyurethane end the paint. The polyurethane will defend the surface of the paint while additionally making the look much more appealing and durable.

As lengthy as you have properly prepared the surface ar of the acrylic paint, the polyurethane won’t damage it.

Can friend Polyurethane end Spray Paint?

Yes, girlfriend can apply polyurethane end spray repaint as long as girlfriend have provided it time come cure. A great spray paint for wood demands at least 24 hrs to dry. You need to never rush the applications of polyurethane on various other finishes.

Can girlfriend Polyurethane end Shellac?

You shouldn’t apply poly end shellac since shellac consists all. However, there’re cases where shellac perfect woodworks buff out white marks when a splatter that water it s okay on it and also the resolve is to strip off the shellac and refinish it with poly.

Cured paint is Poly-Friendly Paint

As you have actually seen in this article, you can apply polyurethane over repaint as long as it has actually cured. Us have likewise made the important difference between drying and also curing, so friend don’t end up destroying your paint job.

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If the repaint is taking too long to dry, friend now additionally know what to execute to speed up the process.

With every one of this expertise at her fingertips, the is time to placed it to the test. However first, you have to decide – will certainly you be using water-based polyurethane or oil-based polyurethane? I know what I’d choose…