Playing flag football have the right to be a most fun. Yet to yes, really optimize your performance and enjoyment that the game, it helps to be wearing the ideal shoes because that the job. I desire to describe why it’s not only acceptable come wear football cleats for flag football however why you should seriously consider wearing them next time girlfriend play.

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Any player deserve to wear soccer cleats because that flag football. There is nothing in the rule of flag football the restricts a player from wearing football cleats. Football cleats can provide a player a far-reaching advantage compared to wearing alternate footwear.

Keeping analysis to uncover out why football cleats do such a an excellent option because that flag football contrasted to football cleats. I’ll also share my height recommendations for soccer cleats if you space looking to obtain your hands on some new ones.

But first, let’s look in ~ why you have the right to wear football cleats because that flag football.

If you want to find out more about soccer cleats, I put together a guide here that will aid you understand much more about the different species of cleats, what they space made of, and also what castle look like.

You have the right to Wear football Cleats because that Flag Football

The first thing we must clarify is if it’s also OK to wear football cleats to play flag football.

Although there is no universally followed set of rules for flag football, the American Flag Football league (AFFL) is the leading skilled flag football organization in the united States, and also their teams carry out followspecific rules.

According to the rules for the American Flag Football organization (AFFL), there room no constraints on what footwear a player wears. A flag soccer player is totally free to wear any type of shoes of their choice, including soccer cleats.

At amateur or to chat level, the is a decision for the details league or competition that the flag football game is a component of.

I’ve not heard of any games or competitions wherein soccer cleats are minimal from gift used throughout a game.

In fact, most competitions are sensibly relaxed around the footwear a player choose to wear.

And in my write-up – have the right to You Wear soccer Cleats because that Football? – I describe why flag soccer isn’t the only other variation of football you have the right to wear football cleats when playing.

But if you desire to be completely sure the the rules, climate it is finest to inspect with the video game officials prior to you play.

Soccer cleat Are good for Flag Football

Knowingyou cando other is different than knowingif friend shoulddo something. Just due to the fact that youcanwear football cleats throughout a game doesn’t automatically mean that youshould.

Thankfully, I deserve to reassure you that soccer cleats are great for flag football!

If you clock this video below of few of the top plays in flag football, you’ll an alert that numerous of the players are wearing soccer cleats fairly than football cleats.

Watch this video clip on YouTube
Top flag football plays including players wearing football cleats

The main advantage of making use of soccer cleats for flag soccer is the they are lighter and much more responsive than most other cleats. This is why countless of the peak players wear them.

Soccer cleats are specifically designed to enable players to relocate quickly approximately the ar while at the exact same time maintaining traction. This is a significant benefit while play soccer but also translates come flag football, where fast movements and speed are likewise essential.

Understandably, many human being would think that wearing football cleats would certainly be the best option because that flag football. The is only organic to assume this would be the instance as flag football is so comparable to handle football.

But the reality is the there are some far-ranging differences in between soccer cleats and football cleats the make soccer cleats the much much better choice.

To aid you choose the finest soccer cleats for you, I’ve developed a step-by-step guide to simplify the process. Check it out right here – just how to pick the Perfect soccer Cleats (In 4 straightforward Steps)

Difference between soccer and football cleats

The key difference between soccer cleats and also football cleat is the football cleats have actually an extra stud, or toes spike, under the huge toe that the shoe.

This toe spike is over there to assist football players keep traction and grip while blocking or pushing throughout a game. However flag football is much less around power than it is around speed.

While the extra toe stud have the right to be a great asset in handle football, in flag football, it’s much less important and can even be a hindrance.

I’ve also already mentioned the soccer cleats space far much more lightweight 보다 football cleats. Wearing lighter footwear offers the player a great range of movement. It also enables the player to move around the field much faster and decreases the amount of energy a player is using as they don’t have a big pair of cleats holding lock back.

When you imply that soccer cleats are far better than football cleats because that flag football, some human being are concerned that football cleats don’t sell as much ankle support as football cleats. If this is most likely true, ankle assistance isn’t as crucial in flag football.

On a side note, this is likewise a issue for many people considering wearing soccer cleats because that lacrosse. Have a look in ~ my post – Why football Cleats can be Perfect because that Lacrosse – to find out much more on the topic.

Many soccer cleats space designed to give extra padding and support come a player’s ankle throughout a game. Yet this is as result of the nature of tackle football and the means it is played. In the format, it renders sense for a player to have actually ankle support.

But flag soccer is a different game. Rate is vital, and also power and also traction have far less influence on the game.

But if you perform still desire the extra ankle support alongside the services of soccer cleats, there is a way forward. Part soccer cleat offer much more ankle support than the bulk of soccer cleats. And I’ve put my favourite ones in the perform of football cleats because that you to think about below.

Soccer total You must Use for Flag Football

If you currently have soccer cleats ready to use, climate you might want come skip this section. However if you are looking to acquisition some brand-new cleats, then there room a couple of soccer cleats that I would certainly recommend that would certainly be an excellent for flag football.

As you think about what cleats come buy, it’s great to be mindful that, similar to most things in life, if you want a better product, climate you’ll have to pay a little more. This is together true v soccer cleats together it is with anything.

There space cheap soccer cleats the end there you have the right to buy, and also there space expensive ones. In my opinion, expensive soccer cleats space worth it, and I noted 11 factors I think this is the instance inthis post hereif you desire to recognize why.

But when choosing cleats, I would certainly encourage you to work-related out what you have the right to afford and also then obtain the ideal cleats you can for the price. You space unlikely ever before to regret getting higher-quality footwear.


I desire to recommend 2 pairs of soccer cleats for you come consider.

adidas Predator 19.1 FG football Cleat


Firstly,these cleatslook fantastic. If friend walk the end onto the ar with these on, anyone is going to take it notice. If psychology is half the battle, then these total will offer you one advantage.

But castle are also really comfortable come wear from job one. They fit choose a sock that creates to the form of her foot and is light enough that you may forget you’re even wearing them.

Another bonus through these total is that they market ankle support.

Most soccer cleats are low cut and also are not focused on a player’s ankles. However, these are good for everyone who desires to understand their ankles, as well as their feet, are taken treatment of.

If you want to check them out,click below to watch themon, wherein you will check out they have almost 100 5-star reviews from players who have currently tried them.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Academy FG/MG Cleats


The second pair of cleats girlfriend should take into consideration arethese. Made through a soft man-made material that also Podiatry Todayrecommendsyou should select when playing flag football, this cleats wrap around your foot prefer a second skin.

The footplate top top these space specifically draft to administer maximum traction because that the wearer while moving roughly the field, and also it will most likely surprise you just how much grip lock give.

They room comfortable come wear, just be conscious that most soccer cleats run small, so I would certainly recommend acquiring a size bigger than you typically would.

These space cleats that have actually over 50 5-star reviews top top from civilization who have already bought them and also love them. Girlfriend can check out the cleats and the reviews on soccer.comhere.

Other options


If girlfriend aren’t taken by one of two people of these options, thenclick hereto see the whole range of cleats accessible on They room sure to have actually something that will suit you and offer totally free shipping and 30-day returns.


Soccer cleats space a great option for footwear once playing flag football. They space lightweight, look great, and also could also give you an benefit on the field.

Playing flag football have the right to leave your cleats muddy. To assist you know exactly how to clean them after a game, check out my write-up – How to Clean (And Dry) your Cleats: there is no Damaging Them.

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If you’re interested in other areas where soccer and also football overcome over, have a look at at this article I composed comparing the 2 sports. Or to discover out the four reasons why football is taken into consideration to be harder 보다 football, click here.