Are nail polishes and also tattoos safe during an MRI scan?

Written by Sandhya Raghavan | updated : January 29, 2018 12:47 pm IST

A 32-year-old man passed away after gift sucked right into the MRI an equipment at the nair Hospital ~ above Saturday evening. Adhering to which, the Agripada police have arrested the resides doctor and the ward boy that asked the victim, Rajesh Maru, to carry an oxygen cylinder inside the MRI room. This has sent shockwaves across the city, together citizens have failed to fathom why the ward boy would think it for sure to take the cylinder into the room. It"s a well-known reality that no metal objects have to be worn or taken within the MRI room.

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What is one MRI machine?

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. It"s a large ring-shaped an equipment through i m sorry the patient is relocated in a supine position. The device then supplies the person body"s natural magnetic properties to develop detailed images of human body parts. That is considered biologically safe due to the fact that unlike X rays and CAT scans, MRI uses radiation in a frequency variety that doesn"t do any damage come the body or the tissues. However, caution should be followed due to the fact that it has actually a an effective electromagnetic pull, which reasons the device to pull any kind of object (ferromagnetic) that has iron. That"s why patients space warned versus wearing anything metallic on their person due to the fact that these objects deserve to move suddenly, leading to a great deal of injury to the patient"s life.

That"s why ferromagnetic objects choose oxygen tanks and cylinders cannot be carried into the scanning room. Sometimes, if the patients have actually metallic implants the cannot be removed, the MRI exam has to be cancelled. Metallic objects can also create disturbances in the magnetic field, leading to distortions in the imaging.

What are the safety and security precautions to be taken during an MRI scan?

The most straightforward rule is to stop anything metallic within the MRI room, which includes everyday objects eyeglasses, hair clips, zippers, credit transaction cards v metallic strips, cell phones, watches, jewellery, shoes buckles, or garments which have metal rivets and buttons favor denim or anything v metallic embellishments. Several of these less apparent items could likewise end up posing a risk.


Even her makeup may contain traces of metal due to the fact that it is largely made of minerals. Metal is used in man-made colours, therefore items prefer blushes, eye shadows, mascara, lipsticks, skin tints, nail polishes and also even hairsprays have the right to be dangerous within the MRI room.


MRI is recognized to interact with the pigments in the tattoo inks, leading to "burns" in ~ the site of the tattoo. Iron oxide is a typical tattoo pigment the can connect with the magnetic pull of the machine. Tattoos that mainly contain black color pigments or any other pigments v iron oxide are specifically dangerous.

Implants and also medical devices

Medical gadgets like pacemakers and also implants choose cochlear implants, aneurism clips, metallic spinal rods, metallic plates, screws, metal mesh, metal dental fillings, orthodontic braces, retainers, etc. Should be off boundaries inside an MRI room. In instance these gadgets cannot it is in removed, the doctor has to think of an alternate method to conduct the scan.


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