Teach Your kids Christmas words That start With A and also Turn It into A Fun and also Educative Festival

Christmas is a wonderful time that the year. That a time of joy, a time because that love and cheer and also giving and also forgiveness. That a one-of-a-kind time of the year because that many, when family and friends get together, have actually fun and also make memories the last through their lifetimes. Children especially have a an excellent time right now of the year with all the fun, food, family, friends and gifts. This Christmas, keep your boy occupied and entertained through some Christmas themed learning. Teach them some words because that kids, especially Christmas words that begin with A.

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However, in every the fun and also festivity, discovering takes a ago seat. And also by the moment the festivities are over and also school reopens, you’ll find that your child remembers very little of what they will do learned. You’re back at square one and have to start everywhere again come refresh her child’s memory. But why should discovering take a ago seat amidst all that fun? Learning can be funny too, so assist them discover these Christmas words that begin with A and also enrich your vocabulary.

This Christmas, let’s turn the festivities right into a fun and educative endure for your little ones. Christmas themed games and having funny doing Christmas themed tasks are a good way to assist your child proceed learning during the festival. Those more, it can be an excellent fun too! This deserve to be the start of a new Christmas tradition for your family too.

If your tiny one is learning words in ~ school, Christmas is a good time come teach them brand-new words. The 12 days of Christmas offer a range of brand-new words, which will certainly enrich her child’s vocabulary. So, let’s start discovering Christmas words. Together always, as soon as you’re teaching her child new words, it’s best to start at the beginning of the alphabet. So, below is a list of Christmas native that begin with A. We’ve also included meanings to each of this words to assist your child know them better.

Christmas words That begin With A

This Christmas themed word game will assist your child develop a well-off vocabulary over the holidays.


The word numerous is an adjective that way something exists in huge quantities or there’s an ext than enough.

For example: There is an abundant supply the Christmas pudding and also sweets at Christmas time.


Accepting is the action of taking or receiving something that is readily available to you, particularly with gladness or approval.

For example: Thank you because that accepting this gift from my family.


An arrival calendar is a special calendar provided to mark the days leading up to Christmas. It deserve to be a tiny card with several numbered flaps or a big box through tiny numbered compartments. These flaps or compartments are opened on every day of advent till Christmas day. Each of the flaps or compartments expose a snapshot or a gift ( a liquid or a trinket) the represents the work of December.

For example: ns can’t believe we’re currently over 10 days into the arrival Calendar, we better finish ours Christmas shopping.


The indigenous adorn means adding miscellaneous to do a human being or thing much more attractive. Come adorn way to decorate.

For example: the the vacation season, for this reason it’s time to adorn the Christmas tree.


Adoration is a feeling of respect, reverence, solid admiration or devotion towards a person, location or thing.

For example: The proud parents looked at their son with adoration as he received the prize.


The word affection method a feeling of liking and caring for something or someone.

For example: She feeling deep affection for the civilization of she village, who sustained her through tough times.


The word aglitter method sparkling or glittering, especially with reflect light.

For example: The youngsters loved see the large Christmas tree, every aglitter with lights.


The indigenous aglow is one adjective that method something or who is glow or they space shining bright with a soft, warmth light.

For example: The sky was aglow through fireworks on brand-new Years Eve.


An point of view is a heart or a supernatural being who is thought to be a messenger of God. The is likewise an adjective, which way a type person.

For example: mrs is such an angel, she help me through all my work.


The word angelic is one adjective that means having the attributes of an angel, such as beauty, pure the heart, holiness and kindness.

For example: The small boy cracked one angelic smile.


Antlers room the branched horn you see on the top of deer, Reindeer (Caribou), Elk and Moose.

For example: The old stag’s antlers looked majestic.


Anticipation is the emotion of excitement over something pleasant that is walk to take place soon.

For example: The youngsters looked forward to opening the gift under the tree through anticipation.


The indigenous aroma means a pleasant, appetising smell.

For example: The aroma from the freshly baked cookie was mouth watering.


An man-made Christmas tree is an artificial fir or pine tree tree produced to be provided as a Christmas tree. These synthetic Christmas trees are mostly made that plastic. Castle are offered in ar of organic trees because they have the right to be reused or recycled. They’re likewise low maintenance, lock don’t must be watered and there’s much less cleaning contrasted to organic trees.

For example: which one execute you think I should buy? The artificial Christmas tree or the genuine one?


Awaiting is the action of waiting, looking front to or expecting something.

For example: The kids are eagerly awaiting Christmas this year.

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So, here is the list of Christmas words that begin with A. Christmas is a good time for fun and also games. If you add a bit of discovering to those activities, you deserve to stay ~ above track with your children learning. Inspect out these cool activities for youngsters on Osmo – Christmas crossword puzzle puzzles, Spelling activities for kids, Word search puzzles because that kids.