Michael Myers is in a organization of horror movie villains who have actually longevity, ranking increase there v Dracula, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, and also Jason Voorhees. And also let’s no forget Chucky indigenous Child’s Play.

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Halloween Kills and SyFy’s Chucky common a special minute on social media as soon as both introduced fresh installments in their respective franchises. But now, part fans space clamoring for a bloody crossover between the two icons after see them in a advertising together.


Chucky in ‘Seed that Chucky’ | Rolf Konow/Sygma via Getty Images; Michael Myers | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Chucky and also Michael Myers appeared in a promo

On Oct. 12, SyFy released its first episode of Chucky, the TV collection that brings him come Charles Lee Ray’s brand-new Jersey hometown. Leading into the premiere, fans anticipated a go back to creator Don Mancini’s vision for the killer doll. Almost 1 million viewers tuned in because that the premiere which had a special ad featuring The Shape.

Those that opted to sit with the Chucky commercial breaks saw the cool moment where the pair shared the screen. Chucky cackles together he carves up an unseen object through his signature steak knife, and suddenly Michael appears. What? lock both take it a stab at a pumpkin come advertise Halloween Kills and Chucky. Brilliant.

Fans would love to see ‘Halloween’ and ‘Child’s Play’ crossover

In the vein of Alien vs. Predator or Freddy vs. Jason, some monster-loving fans room rooting because that a Michael Myers and also Chucky mash-up. Even if it is it comes in the form of a gladiator dispute or friend team-up, they’d love to check out it. Have the right to you imagine one of two people of castle working with a partner?

Twitter users who captured wind the the promo think it’d it is in an “epic” idea if the contrasting killers formed a sign team like Marvel’s Avengers or Batman and also Robin. Others room down to check out them battle each other in a savage, horrible competition. And also one Reddit user made this hilarious yet true observation: “Goddamn and now ns actually want this to it is in a genuine thing… :( Please offer us Michael vs Chucky movie! A guy who never ever talks vs a man who can’t shut the f*ck up.”

It’s noted that in the first few minutes of Bride the Chucky, yes a shot of Michael’s mask, Freddy Krueger’s glove, Jason’s hockey mask, and Leatherface’s chainsaw. Possibly a future crossover is possible. Why not? Chucky and Michael share similar immortal qualities, hate humans, and both are an extremely menacingly sneaky.

Catch them together in a horror symbol documentary

Those itching because that a slasher villain cooperation may need to wait for an main movie, but an upcoming docuseries will certainly put many of them in the spotlight. Chucky, Michael Myers, Candyman, and also other horror legends will be featured in Shudder’s Behind the Monsters.

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Pop stars in their very own right, these baddies take it you deep inside their backstories through interviews through actors, directors, and producers. Each episode will focus on a different character and also their films.

The docuseries streams its first episode ~ above Tuesday, Oct. 26 and will drop new ones every week. That means fans have the right to follow Chucky’s journey along with Michael Myers’. Probably horror buffs will learn just exactly how much the two have in common.

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